Inafune once again fears Japanese video games will "disappear totally"

In an all too familiar fashion, Keiji Inafune voiced his concerns about the Japanese video game industry, only this time in direct comparison to Western games at the biggest games show of the Western hemisphere: E3. sat down with Inafune last week and reveals that he believes Japan is now entering a 'dark time'.ย  With the steady rise of the Western games industry, he notes a discouraging trend:

"Every year that I come to E3, year in and year out, the one thing I've noticed is that it seems like the Japanese game developer share seems to be getting smaller and smaller"

Inafune did manage to keep some optimism, noting that Capcom's efforts in trying to break this trend:

"I think to myself sometimes, if we keep on this course, the Japanese gaming market will disappear totally. That is one of the valid concerns that I have, which is why as a Japanese publisher, as Capcom, we really want to fight the good fight, and try and make our games work within this more primarily Western market."

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