Inafune: "Japan's Game Industry is Finished"

It appears that this year's Tokyo Game Show did very little to win over Capcom's Head of Research & Development and Online Business, Keiji Inafune. During the following video, he asks the crowd in attendance what they thought of the show this year. "Be honest, " he says. "Did it suck, or was it great (and one person from the crowd asks if they have to be honest)?

Inafune gives it a big thumbs-down.

"And so personally, when I looked around at all the TGS games on the event floor," Inafune said, via translator, "I said 'man, Japan is over. We're done; our game industry is finished.'"

"But, just so you all don't think that the game industry is finished, Capcom is doing our best. I wanted to invite you to this party and show you that there are still some kick@$$ games out there coming from Japan."

What do you think? Do you agree with Inafune that Japan's business is circling the drain, or do you think that perhaps he's making a little bit too broad of a generalization about the state of things?

News Credit: Destructoid, via GoNintendo