Z-Day: Capcom A's Your Q's on Mega Man Zero Collection

It's Z-Day here at The Mega Man Network, and as promised, we've brought your burning questions to Capcom so that you can have all the dirt on whether or not Mega Man Zero Collection is worth your hard-earned Zenny before heading out to your nearest retailer and indulging in crimson-colored bliss. At this point, I would like to turn things over to Mr. Joveth "JGonzo" Gonzalez, the Community Manager for Capcom Entertainment, who will be providing the answers to your many questions about the compilation:

Hi folks!

Thanks very much for your questions. I got to say, you folks are definitely some of the biggest Mega Man fans I’ve come across! Some of your questions even stumped me and required talking to Inti Creates directly!

I tried to keep my answers short and to the point. If you have any other questions, please feel free to send me a private message over at Capcom Unity!



Odd-observation: Can you ask him if the battle with Omega was changed cuz in Zero 3, he wasnt able to use the huge red blade due to the Game Boy Advance limited capabilities.

We’re presenting the games in their original formats, as this is a collection of the way these games were presented originally. It’s important to remember that these are not remakes of the Zero games.

Daniel-lind: While ModCards functionality was added in, were effects from connecting with Battle Network 4 also added?

Yes! This will function the same way as mod cards!

Trei: Are there any sort of changes to the game as in storyline, boss fights, gameplay, etc?

TJ: Are any of the sprites improved?

No, please see my above comment to Odd-observation.

AJ: I’m wondering, for those of us who already have some or all Zero games for Advance, will there be any extra benefit to using the Advance slot on the DS along with the original releases?

No, unfortunately there is no cross compatibility there.

Dean Beever: Would there be any kind of parental controls that would enable the blood or disable it, giving us the yellow slashing residue we ended up getting in the original American release?

No, our goal was to maintain that original E rating so that more people would be able to enjoy the games. The blood would definitely change that.

Mega Man Access: Ask since they’re bringing the mod cards to Z3, then will we get something similar for Z1, 2, and 4?

In Mega Man Zero Collection, mod cards will only be used to modify Z3.

Advent Axl: What exactly is a “sprite swap”? Is it character costumes or color changes?

The way the original e-reader modification cards worked is that they changed costumes on different characters, placed new characters in different places, and a ton of other things. See the full list here.

That’s what was meant by sprite swapping.

Regulus: I’d like to know just how the control configuration works. I’ve heard that we can only make X and Y mimic A and B… which is fine, because I prefer to use the shoulder buttons for dashing and secondary anyway. What I would like to know, though, is if it’s at all possible to use Y for the primary weapon and B for jump.

Yes you can! Here’s proof:

Note that A=Y and B=X, so yes, you can jump with B and use your primary weapon with Y.

Shake: Simple but to the point; Will the game bring any promotional material? Like a poster or some sort of CD in the box? Metal Slug 7 did, hell, it even came in a special case!

If you pre-ordered via the Capcom Store, you got Mega Man Zero Collection buttons! Additionally, I’ve set aside a limited number of shirts from the Mega Man Zero HERE) so stay tuned to Capcom Unity to find out how to get one!

Thanks once again to Joveth and Capcom for taking the time to answer our questions!