Mega Man Zero Collection Q&A with Capcom

The release of Mega Man Zero Collection for the Nintendo DS is under a week away, and we're sure that many of you have questions.  That's why we are getting together with Joveth “JGonzo” Gonzalez of Capcom Unity to try to sort out any last-minute issues or concerns you may have about the Collection. I would like to note that this is meant to be a more general "consumer"-based Q&A session-- that means no questions like "who is Dr. Weil?" or "what happened to the Four Guardians?" or "why does Zero look different?" Things of that nature, you can probably rest assured won't receive an answer.

Questions about the game's difficulty levels, control configurations, Modification Cards, other contents and features? Those are more than welcome, and we encourage you to leave yours in the comments below.

Not sure just yet when we'll pass the Q's along to Capcom for some A's; I was considering after just a day or two, but we might leave it open a bit longer than that, depending on the response to this. Then, on Tuesday, June 8th, you'll hopefully be armed with enough knowledge to tell you whether or not you want to go out and drop $30 (probably $40 Canadian) in the name of Zero, and why.