Rumor: Will Rockman Online Connect Series?

Late last week we broke the story of Rockman Online's latest developments, and gave the details. However, there was one detail I was remiss in pointing out at the time. Given that I don't know Korean, and machine translations are sketchy at best, I didn't feel confident about putting it out. But after looking into it more, and getting some consulting from some Korean associates, I will now lay this out, but as a rumor. Apparently, Rockman Online is intended to tie the classic and X series together.

At least according to the reports that came out, such as this one on This Is Game, where a line calls Rockman Online "A side-scrolling 3D action game that connects Rockman Classic and X." Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean tying their stories together, but what else would it mean? Mechanics-wise, the series are rather similar. At any rate, if this is true then forthcoming media should show it. According to the news posts, the next updates will show off more characters, so we will probably see soon.