New Details and Images on Rockman Online (Updated)

A new batch of info and images pertaining to the Korean game Rockman Online is released today. Most notable of all is that the game is more definitively using the Rockman X series, and so far stars Rockman X and Zero. However, there will be other NPCs. The game will employ 3D graphics but maintain a 2D perspective, much like Mega Man X8 did. The game is being described as an side-scrolling action-RPG, and is meant to feel like the original games. NeoWiz plans to releases screenshots of the game soon, which will also introduce more characters.

Much thanks to RockMaster for the tip! Hit the jump for more artwork.

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Update: Japanese site Nikkei Trendy has recently posted an interview with Capcom of Japan's COO, Haruhiro Tsujimoto, about Capcom's upcoming efforts concerning social games. Mr. Tsujimoto had this to say about Rockman Online's release strategy:

They (NeoWiz) had the desire to make an online Rockman game, and after examining their proposal, we came to the conclusion that they could make some interesting stuff.

First, it will be launched in South Korea. From there, it's necessary to think about the development in Taiwan and China. Moreover, there are a great deal of Rockman fans in Japan as well. Though there are no plans currently, if Japanese gamers show interest in the game, the possibility to release it here exists.

So the game may not even release in Japan, much less the western hemisphere. But if you really want to see the game come, rally your support to Capcom!