Nintendo Power Reveals New Details on MMZC's Mod Cards and Easy Mode

Along with the mysterious teaser for next month's issue, the June edition of Nintendo Power also features a two-page preview of Mega Man Zero Collection which clarifies some details about the collected version's new features. One thing people had wondered about was the availability of eReader cards, which were sold for the Game Boy Advance peripheral in Japan, but never made their way Stateside. According to NP, Zero 3 will indeed feature the cards, now referred to as "Mod Cards." Utilizing them can enhance your weapons' strength and alter graphics. "Would you like your home base to be swarming with cats? There's a mod card for that!" And the effects can be turned on and off as one desires.

Unfortunately, it remains unknown whether this includes the cards which opened the characters' individual mini-games, or if there may be one to emulate the effect of connecting Zero 3 to a MegaMan Battle Network game.

The game also boasts unlockable bonuses, including wallpaper and character cards. But the most welcome addition for some fans may be the new Easy Scenario mode.

In this mode, the player is granted more health, four Sub-Tanks to restore their energy when times are tough, and immediate access to all of the Cyber-Elves (spikes are still one-hit kills, though). However, there is a catch: to play in this mode means you have to play the games in order.

By the sound of things, Capcom is making sure that this collected version of Zero's trials will be well worth the money spent, even for those who might already have the original Game Boy Advance releases... particularly for those who might have never finished them.