Does June's Nintendo Power Tease Mega Man Universe?

Yesterday saw the delivery of the new June 2010 issue of Nintendo Power (seen above at left) to my mailbox. And as always, the last page of the magazine (at right) bore a teaser for the next issue.

(And thankfully, one of GoNintendo's readers received theirs at the same time, thus saving me the trouble of scanning my own issue. Thanks, moneyhead64!)

The text reads "Next issue's going to be a big one. In addition to a cover story on a huge new title, we'll bring you first looks of half a dozen incredible games, including de Blob 2 and an astonishing title that stars one of gaming's most recognizable heroes. Plus, we'll have major reviews and more! Color us excited."

The comments from GoNintendo users point to a number of possibilities, including Star Fox, F-Zero, and Metroid, among others. However, Little_Mac notes that "Nintendo Power has never had a world exclusive on a first party title since Nintendo sold the mag to Future Publishing. Might want to set your sights on another huge franchise character from a third party..."

By now, you no doubt know what we're thinking, since it's not really a huge stretch to reach such a conclusion. The two main relevant points are the cover story on a "huge new title" and "an astonishing title that stars one of gaming's most recognizable heroes." Not to mention that space-y background which could conceivably refer to a "universe."

And if we want to really push it, maybe "color us" is supposed to be a tongue-in-cheek reference to a popular ability of the Blue Bomber's.

It's difficult to tell what this page is alluding to, particularly as Nintendo Power can throw some real curve balls in these previews.

What do you think they might be referring to? Mega Man, possibly Universe? Or something else entirely?