Capcom Trademark Points to Mega Man... or Not Mega Man (Update: Not)

Here's a curious little story from GoNintendo. Apparently two Capcom trademarks have surfaced in the US trademark database. They are EXE D and EXE S. Already speculation has it that these are pointing to the Rockman EXE series, and if this were in Japan I'd say that's a good possibility. But as the series is known as Mega Man Battle Network here, that makes it a little more shaky. It may, small chance, be indicative of a US release of Operate Shooting Star, but for now it's just too little to go on. I'll put an Operate Shooting Star image in this post regardless. Edit: A couple commentors are saying this trademark is probably related to a Capcom game known as Exed Exes, but I think they're insane and can't be trusted, and you should mock them. By the way, have you checked out our Mega Man 10 contest?

Edit again: And hey, it's not like Exed Exes and Mega Man have nothing in common.

News Credit: GoNintendo