Mega Man 10 Contest

This contest is no longer active!

Mega Man 10 is coming. You want it. Why not win it? Because in honor of Mega Man 10's release, you could be one of ten, yes, TEN people to win a copy of the game! And all you have to do is pass a quiz certifying your Mega Man mastery. If you're up for the challenge (and really, it's not THAT hard), then you could be a winner! Please be sure to read the conditions for entering and guidelines below, and then get crackin' on that quiz!

Conditions for entering: THIS CONTEST IS ONLY OPEN TO RESIDENTS OF THE UNITED STATES AND CANADA. If you do not live in either of these countries, you are not eligible to enter. This is due to the regional settings of the game consoles Mega Man 10 will be available for. We are sorry for this limitation.

Contestants must have the desired system for Mega Man 10 as well as an internet connection in order to download Mega Man 10. Nintendo Wii owners will have the game gifted to them, and must provide their Wii name and friend code to receive the download. Sony Playstation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 owners will receive the game via a download passcode.  If for whatever reason we are unable to deliver the game via download, we will deliver money for the cost of the game via Paypal or mailed funds.

Prizes: Ten winners will receive a copy of Mega Man 10 on the console of their choice. Additionally, one of the ten winners will receive a special bonus prize. Details on this are below.

Objective: Due to the success of our previous Mega Man 9 contest, we aren't going to fix what isn't broken. We are again challenging you with a Mega Man knowledge quiz! But this time we've lengthened the quiz a little, and even thrown in question with audio and visual cues! If you're a true Mega Man fan, you should be able to knock it out without breaking a sweat! However, there's no shame in needing a little help too. If you're uncertain about a question then you should definitely check out our Mega Man wiki, where you can find tons of background information on Mega Man characters and enemies. Another good place to look is YouTube, which has tons of Mega Man gameplay footage that may hold the answer you seek. I'd also recommend GameFAQs.

You must send us the answers to each of the quiz questions in an e-mail to titled "MEGA MAN 10 CONTEST." Eligible entries may be received between the time of the contest's start and midnight on February 24th, Pacific Standard Time. After the deadline, we will choose and grade entries randomly. Entries that have a perfect score will win a copy of Mega Man 10! Additionally, of the ten winning entries, the one whose answer to the final question is judged the best will receive a special bonus prize that is as of yet undetermined.


  • Must get all questions correct
  • Only one entry per person

Disclaimer: By entering this contest, you agree to present your home mailing address should you win so that we can mail you your prize. If you are under the age of 15 you should get consent from your parents to give out your mailing address before entering. We are not responsible for any trouble you might get into with your parents should they not agree to giving your home address. You also must be able to present your Wii friend code and indicate the country in which you reside. Some circumstances may require you to tell us your residential address so contest prizes can be mailed to you. The terms and conditions of this contest may change at any time, including after the contest is over. Entering this contest does not create any legally binding contract between yourself and the members of The Mega Man Network.

Status: CLOSED

THE QUIZ! 01: What weapon is Magma Man weakest too?

02: What two enemies in Time Man's stage are from the original Mega Man?

03: What is the name of the Mega Man 3 enemy pictured to the right?

04: Which character is paired with Roll in Mega Man 9's credits roll?

05: In Mega Man 6, whose stage is the Energy Balancer hidden in?

06: What Robot Master stage theme is playing in the below clip? [audio:|titles=Audio]

07: What's the name of Sheep Man's special weapon?

08: For what purpose was Gemini Man originally created?

09: Name three Robot Masters that can clearly be identified in Mega Man 7's robot museum. 10: What Robot Master does the object to the right belong to?

11: What annoying enemy in Galaxy Man's stage tries to catch Mega Man and carry him away?

12: What Robot Master is DWN-030?

13: What are the three Joe enemies in Mega Man 5?

14: The following sounds are all special weapons. What Mega Man game do they come from? [audio:|titles=Audio]

15: What's is Dr. Wily's first name?

16: What activity does Top Man enjoy?

17: What is the name of the support device that Mega Man is using pictured right?

18: Name three Robot Masters who have no legs.

19: What is Proto Man's Japanese name?

20: In Mega Man III for Gameboy, what Robot Master rewards you with Rush Coil?

21: The following audio contains clips of stage select themes from the first four Mega Man games. What order are they in? [audio:|titles=Audio]

22: In Mega Man & Bass, what colors does the weapon Tengu Blade turn Mega Man?

23: Name three Mega Man characters that have shown the ability to transform into a vehicle.

24: Which one of the Mega Man Killers appears in Mega Man's Soccer?

25: How badly do you want Mega Man 10?

Whew, not so bad was it? Be sure to check your answers carefully, because the answer sheet you submit is your one and only entry! No do-overs! And again, be sure to include the system you want Mega Man 10 for and your name/friend code info. Good luck!


01: Tornado Blow

02: Blaster/Beak, Sniper Joe

03: Dada

04: Jewel Man

05: Tomahawk Man

06: Yamato Man

07: Thunder Wool

08: Mining, breaking down hard materials

09: Acceptable answers include Guts Man, Heat Man, Snake Man, Ring Man, Skull Man, Pharaoh Man, Blizzard Man, Plant Man and Flame Man

10: Bright Man

11: Bunby Catcher

12: Dust Man

13: Apache Joe, Crystal Joe, Rider Joe

14: Mega Man 3

15: Albert

16: Ice skating

17: Item 3

18: Cloud Man, Astro Man and Splash Woman

19: Blues

20: Snake Man

21: 4, 2, 1, 3

22: Gray and white/dark gray and light gray (any variation of white and gray was acceptable)

23: Acceptable answers include Rush, Beat, Treble, Turbo Man, Ground Man, Galaxy Man, Nitro Man (other answers possibly considered)

24: Enker

25: --