Rumor: More Mega Man 10 Details (Small Update)

Since yesterday's reveal of Mega Man 10, some interesting new information has come to light... maybe. As it so happens, November 21st saw The Fanboy Review post a rumor about this very game. And as it so happens, many of the details given were spot-on. You can read how that breaks down here.

But amidst what was confirmed by the Nintendo Power preview were some other details. Now, these remain unconfirmed, but seem as though they could possibly be legit in light of the other evidence. Nonetheless, they remain a rumor until we have more concrete confirmation of their validity.

The first item of note is additional story details:

The 'story' is basically as such: Robots get a virus that makes them sick. Roll catches it, Mega Man has to get Wily's help to find a cure (Wily claims he has nothing to do with it, but… yeah), and the 8 bosses each hold part of the cure.

If true, that could mean that Roll is on the outs as a playable character; we don't want her running around sick, after all.

So, if she's out, then who's in? Well, there's one other popular choice:

There will be DLC to play as Bass. His gameplay will be based on how he played in Mega Man & Bass.

Nintendo Power did mention a third playable character, but never said (that we saw) how he might be accessible.

And finally, the big one: will be two players. No idea if story mode will be two people, or if there will be some specialized two player mode though.

Is this true? We'll find out soon enough, I imagine. After all, there are still parts of the Nintendo Power article we've yet to see. With any luck, my copy will arrive before the end of the week and we'll get some answers.

Edit: Since everyone seems to run to other sites about it, I figure I might as well include this little tidbit from the above source:

It will have no relation to Mega Man X (just pointing this out, since some people might think they might choose to do that with X equating to 10.)

I figured it went without saying. Whoops.