Mega Man 10 (Update)

Capcom's big birthday surprise for Mega Man's 22nd birthday may have just been spoiled. Nintendo Power has posted a preview of their next issue, volume 250, aka the 2009 Holiday Special, and within comes a big surprise for fans of the Blue Bomber:

Just as Mega Man 9 was before it, Mega Man 10 will be an 8-bit styled game made available as a WiiWare title, which could easily mean that Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network versions will also be on the way, but that remains unconfirmed for now. Only two pages of the preview (which is also mentioned on the magazine's cover) have been revealed, but here is what information we've managed to get from it:

In Mega Man 10, the story involves fighting to find the parts of a vaccine-making device needed in order to cure the world's robots of Robotenza, a virus which causes those infected to overheat and go out of control (and Maverick Virus speculation begins... right... now).

Mega Man won't be fighting alone, however; number-one son Proto Man is also willing to do his part to help out, and not only is he a playable character this time out, but he'll be available from the outset, bringing with him the ability to slide, charge shots, and deflect enemy attacks with his shield. And if that wasn't enough, there is a third playable hero that Capcom isn't saying anything more about yet.

Stages include a computer-themed backdrop, complete with monitors, microchips, and mouse-shaped enemies. It also features obstacles such as conveyor belts and blocks which disappear shortly after being touched. Another stage uses lava pools in a vertically-oriented setting, with conveyor belts obstructing the way and block-shaped enemies appearing as quickly as they can be disposed of.

Finally, there is the Robot Master revealed: Sheep Man. Sheep Man is capable of turning himself into four "clouds" which hover overhead and attack with lightning. This attack is known as the "Thunder Wool," which floats at an angle before releasing a burst of electricity.

Capcom*Unity reveals that the above image will be the cover subscribers will be getting in their mailbox. Retail will have the issue on December 22nd.

We'll bring you more news as it develops. But for now, take comfort in the fact that we can now legitimately tell anyone who insists that Mega Man X is Mega Man 10 to shut it.

For the sake of convenience, here is a look at the article. Click to go directly to the preview:

Update: Courtesy of the Capcom*Unity, we can see that Mr. Inafune is happy with the subscriber version of the new issue:

In addition, we missed a caption for one of the pictures which reveals those who thought Mega Man 9 might have been too difficult will get a reprieve this time out, thanks to an Easy Mode.