Capcom's Killian Elaborates on "Competition" for Legends 3

A few days ago, we reported a tease left by Capcom Community Manager Seth Killian in the Capcom*Unity's Ask Capcom forum, explaining that there would soon be a way for fans to show their support for a Mega Man Legends 3, though they would "have to compete with the Powerstone 3 and RE: Outbreak psychos for attention!" With everyone preparing to go to war in support of their favorite franchise, we caught up with Captain-Commander Seth Killian and asked him to explain a little further about the nature of the conflict with the Powerstone pushers and the Outbreak outlaws.

"I was hoping to clarify by actually just showing everyone what I meant," he explained, "but I'm not sure exactly which day it will be ready. At any rate, it's definitely not meant to be a competition between those three groups --they are just some of the most vocal around here."

"The competition," he continued as we ducked a preemptive mortar shell, "will actually be between any and all ideas, no matter how nutty, ridiculously expensive, or flat out dumb they might be :)"

So there you have it: anything goes. It sounds like anything from a Mega Man Legends 3 to a Mega Man X9 to Mega Man Battle Network 7: Penny Slug/Wooden Nickel to Mega Man Dating: Kinky Navigators Edition will be fair game for suggestion.

Mega Fans: Get your suggestions ready!