Get Ready to Make Your Voices Heard for Legends 3

It's on. Well, not just yet, but it will be soon.

For years now, fans of the Blue Bomber of the far-flung future have wanted to know just how they can make it perfectly clear to the suits at Capcom that yes, we do want a Mega Man Legends 3. And just a few hours ago, Capcom Community Manager Seth Killian responded to such an inquiry on the Capcom*Unity forums, stating that "Actually, we're working on a way for you to be able to do just such a thing, and hope to have the new Unity feature available soon-ish."

"The bad news," he adds, "is that you'll have to compete with the Powerstone 3 and RE: Outbreak psychos for attention! :D "

"Seriously though," he continues, "I know that having such a clear outlet is important, and we're working on even more direct ways for you to let your voice be heard internally here at Capcom."

So there you have it; you can stop trying to register domain names and put down your petitions; hopefully Capcom won't keep us in too much suspense at the new Unity addition.

Naturally, we will keep you informed of anything we hear on the situation, and let you know when it is time for fans of Diggers, air pirates, and the like to rally together as one and make our voices heard.