Ariga comments on character submissions, gives us some pointers

A few days ago, we posted that Hitoshi Ariga was taking applications for fan created characters to appear as "throwaway characters" in upcoming issues of Rockman Gigamix. So far he is purely delighted about the number of submissions that have come in so far, including those from outside of Japan. However, Ariga also feels there may have been a little something lost in translation. For that reason, he wants to give us some specific pointers to keep in mind when submitting entries from now on:

  • Please do not enter robots created by Dr. Light and Dr. Wily.
  • The chosen robots that appear will not be villains.
  • The chosen robots that appear will not face Rockman.
  • They are defense robots who are protecting the Earth from enemies from space.
  • The storyline for the upcoming Gigamix issues is set in stone, so these characters will not have any impact in the story.
  • The robots will not do anything in particular in the comic, and probably will not have any lines.
  • It is possible the robots will be destroyed the moment they appear (so don't expect the selected robots to do anything cool).
  • Not every robot submitted can be used, unfortunately.

He also makes a point that should he select any robot who was entered with the intention of being a Wily robot or the like will not have such a background in the comic and apologizes. Now of course, I made it pretty clear in the last post these would be throw away characters, and there was no point in making a character overly cool or with a deep background. But I can't blame people for wanting to enter their cherished designs, even if it's just to show off. Just remember that this is Ariga's work, and I imagine he's slightly embarrassed to bring this up. Then again, I do feel most non-Japanese entrants had the right idea, and plenty of Japanese entrants are "Something Man" entries themselves. Nevertheless, Ariga could have easily ignored non-Japanese entries as well, so I think this is rather big of him.

Anyway, just keep those points in mind and keep the submissions coming!