Ariga opens "Moburobo" oekaki; get your character in upcoming Rockman Gigamix

OB1254982028527Ariga recently released the first volume of his new Rockman comic series Rockman Gigamix last week. Now he is looking for fan-made designs to use as extras in the remaining two volumes of Gigamix to come. And how is he taking applications? With oekaki! With this oekaki board, you can draw your character entry on the spot or upload an image you've already created by other means. So what are the conditions for entry? Well, Ariga himself says to just have fun with it. Bear in mind, though, these are just extras, or rather "yarareyaku," which so far as I can tell means "for the purpose of being destroyed," so basically scrubs. Therefore there's not much point in creating the most bad ass awesome character you can think of - he's probably going to appear in just one or two panels with a bunch of other characters before being wiped out! Also, I'm certain drawing anything gross or offensive won't get you anywhere.

If you're unfamiliar with oekaki, you may want to try out on our own board first (and I imagine our oekaki gang will be excited about this news, too). The Moburobo board uses only Shi Painter and Shi Painter Pro. And of course, it will be in Japanese, but you probably only need to draw your image, and then enter a title, description and your name. Perhaps I will make a simple guide if I try to enter a character myself.

But hey, how cool would it be to have your own character appear in a Rockman Gigamix comic? Very cool! So by all means, give it a shot. Besides, I love stuff like this. It's always a chance for us outside Japan to show our support for Rockman/Mega Man!

Thanks to Fireman for the tip.

Update: Now that I've had time to check out the site a little, I've found it's extremely simple to put up your pic (as I'm sure some readers have found already). Unless you're really dying to draw your image from scratch in the oekaki applet, just go here to upload your own picture. The fields are all in English, so no confusion! And you don't need a password to upload a picture. That field is for you to create your own password, so you can go back and update your post if you wish.

Also, pictures need to be in JPG, GIF or PNG format, no greater than 400 x 400 in dimension, and no greater than 100KB in file size. If your picture isn't uploading, one of more of these things may be the problem.