Mighty No. 9: The Movie?

It's not a surprise if a hit video game proves popular enough to spawn a motion picture deal, but before the game is even made? That would be some uncharted territory indeed.

And yet, that's just what Tim Carter, writer and producer at Contradiction Films (Mortal Kombat: Legacy, Sleeping Dogs), is interested in doing with the spiritual successor to Mega Man.

Around the 18 minute mark above, Carter talks to Victor Lucas and Scott Jones of EP Daily about the prospect of not only adapting Mighty No. 9, but in live action, no less:

“We are building the story right now,” Carter said about the project. “Inafune-san created [Mega Man], and he has now created Mighty Number 9. We don’t have the rights to Mega Man, obviously, but we are working with him on a live action adaptation of it.” He said of Inafune, “I was a little apprehensive about it at first until I got his notes, and thought “Dude, you should be working at Pixar!”"

Carter didn't elaborate on whether he was envisioning a big-screen blockbuster or a more humble web series, but if this pans out, the results should be quite interesting just the same.

Source: Electric Playground