Two Azure Striker Gunvolt Soundtracks Headed to Japan

A quick tip from Heat Man has notified us that following the recent release of Azure Striker Gunvolt in Japan (where it's known as Armed Blue Gunvolt), Inti Creates is now in the process of planning not one, but two soundtracks to be released in Gunvolt's native land.

The first (whose cover is at right) is an original soundtrack to the game, due this October. The other, whose cover has not yet been revealed, will be a vocal collection released sometime in the fall. Both are looking at a price of ๏ฟฅ2160 each, or about $20.75 in U.S. dollars as of this writing.

You can find the official page here, but there really isn't much else to see there at the moment, though you can bookmark it or something if you want to follow it more closely.

Will they get a western release? Probably not on disc, though iTunes may remain a possibility. We'll keep you posted.