And Your Azure Striker Gunvolt Winner Is...

Soon to be your comrades in arms.

Six days and over 180 comments ago, we asked who among you wants to join the forces of Quill and get to play Azure Striker Gunvolt (as well as its companion game, Mighty Gunvolt) for free in advance of its release this Friday, August 29th. Of the many who answered the call, only one could be chosen...

That one is none other than Alexis Rosas, who responded with the following commented (formatted/edited for reposting):

I will like to play Azure Striker Gunvolt for the reason that I'm a huge fan of the Mega Man games, and I appreciate the work of Keiji Inafune because his games are very good. I like them all, and Azure Striker Gunvolt gives me nostalgia for the reason that this game is very similar to the Mega Man Zero games, and I have enjoyed the games of that saga. Those are the reasons I cant wait to play Azure Striker Gunvolt, and I hope that I can win the code to play the game.

Good news for you, then, Alexis: The codes are yours once you get back to us to verify and we can send them your way! Be sure to check your Twitter and your e-mail, as we've already reached out. Or you can drop us a line at (at) and we'll get you hooked up!

For everyone else: Thanks for participating, and be sure to check back tomorrow as we present The Mega Man Network's full review of both Azure Striker Gunvolt and Mighty Gunvolt!