Mighty Gunvolt Announced for Nintendo eShop (Updated)

As you might have noticed, we have a section for news separate from the usual Mega Man fun here called "Mega Man-esque," for games and such which fall in the spirit of Mega Man, but aren't actually Mega Man. And let us tell you, they don't get much more "Mega Man-esque" than this!

An early leak from Weekly Famitsu today revealed that Inti Creates would be bringing a new title to the Nintendo 3DS eShop in Japan later this year: Mighty Gunvolt, a game which brings together Mega Man spiritual successor Mighty No. 9, Mega Man Zero/ZX stylistic successor Azure Striker Gunvolt, and the strangeness that is Gal Gun (if that's a successor to anything, we're cool with not knowing. Honest).

Siliconera's report notes that the leaked info stated that the downloadable title would feature the protagonists Beck, Gunvolt, and Ekoro, each from the aforementioned respective titles. What's more, the visual style was described as having an "’80s style graphic design."

They weren't kidding! Thanks to Protodude, we know that the official site has gone live, and... well, see for yourself (via TinyCartridge):

Wow. It really does not get any more "Mega Man-esque" than that, does it? Beck is practically the spitting image of his spiritual sibling! You can also check it out in the Azure Striker Gunvolt trailer here (starting at 4:25).

So far, there is only word of this being available in Japan, though the official English Gunvolt Twitter account did retweet fan Twitter @BeckMightyNo9's tweet about it, so hopefully that bodes well for us in the West. That said, the game is available there as a free download for those who purchase Azure Striker Gunvolt from now until November 19th. Not a bad deal at all!

All of this, and we're stuck trying to figure out how long it took for Mega Man and X to have their first real in-game crossover. That Beck and Gunvolt are having one already boggles the mind!

Update: We've just received a press release which reveals that the offer will be good in North America as well, from Azure Striker Gunvolt's release on Friday, August 29th until 9am PST on Friday, November 28th, 2014. "Anyone who buys Gunvolt in that time period will receive, once their download of Gunvolt is complete, a message on their eShop receipt with a download code they can redeem on the 3DS eShop to immediately download Mighty Gunvolt, free of charge."

“MIGHTY GUNVOLT is our little way of thanking our fans for buying Gunvolt, and supporting this kind of classic Japanese-style 2D action gaming that we don’t want to see disappear. We hope it’ll give a big smile – and maybe a laugh or two – to anyone who remembers the 8-bit days fondly, or even those just curious on what they missed out on back in the “good old days.” –Takuya Aizu, President and CEO of developer Inti Creates

It's hard to imagine Europe wouldn't be in on it, too, but we're currently looking into the details there.