Behold: The First Glimpse of Mighty No. 9 Screens

As you might have heard, Mighty No. 9 producer Nick Yu recently popped up on the super-secretive forums for the game to share with everyone a few new screens of the extremely early in-development game's progress. We're probably talking pre-White City level early here, for those who can remember that from Mega Man X (and if you don't... maybe we can talk about it sometime).

Inti Creates delivered the α2 ROM last week for Keiji Inafune himself to try out, and in the process, Nick managed to grab the following screens (with their corresponding captions):

Cliff Hanger

Hmm, it looks as though Beck is showing a little of MegaMan Volnutt's move set with that ledge-grabbing...

Dash Action Testing. well as some of X's with that dash. Could Beck end up the culmination of all Mega Men?

Texture Testing.

After playing the ROM.

Nick also notes that "Inafune has played it and he LOVES it", as we can see in the image above. "Let me repeat that, Inafune LOVED the α2 ROM."

For those wondering, we have been urged to reiterate that these screens are still "INCREDIBLY" early, and while the term "alpha" is used to describe the ROM as seen here, it's nowhere near what people in the West mean when they use the term to describe a game's development state. Mighty No. 9 is still more than a year away, so rest assured that these are still incredibly early, and we're just being privileged enough to see how it's coming along in this early state!

So, with all of that said: What do you think so far? Sound off in the comments below!