First Mighty No. 9 PayPal Update: Challenge Mode Unlocked!

Mighty No. 9's Kickstarter campaign recently unveiled PayPal funding and with it came a bit of a caveat: we don't actually know the exact amount of funding the project receives via this method. However, they promised us periodic updates and the first one is here: As of this morning, Mighty No. 9 has reached 17K in funding!

Better yet, this pushed the combined Kickstarter & PayPal funding over $2.4 million, allowing Challenge Mode to be achieved! 

Congratulations to the Mighty No. 9 team are in order. As always, let's shoot for next-gen consoles at $3.3 million and beyond! But first, know that the next goal is an Extra Stage & Final Boss at $2.55 million. As per the last MightyCast, we should also see more information on those mystery stretch goals sometime around when we reach this next one.