Robotic Age Kickstarter Wants to Make an RPG Suitable for Mega Man (Among Others)

Have you ever wanted to play a good old-fashioned table-top role playing game set in a universe like Mega Man, Gundam, or some other universe which heavily features robots, yet found other systems ill-suited towards this objective? Then Kickstarter has just the project for you!

 "The Robotic Age RPG" is an original RPG by Preston Poland that is heavily inspired by Mega Man, due to his inability to find a system that could properly run the setting. With "The Robotic Age," he claims to have not only successfully run four different Mega Man games across the X, Zero, and ZX settings, but others such as Transformers and Gundam as well.

For more information and illustrations about this project, visit Poland's Kickstarter page. As of this writing, it has $2,504 raised of a $7,000 goal, and there are 23 days left. It's probably going to be a while before we see another Battle Network, Star Force, or Command Mission, so if you're interested in playing Mega Man in an RPG setting, this may just be your best option for the foreseeable future.