Mighty No. 3, Assemble!

Our friends at Comcept and 8-4 have cooked up a little something interesting to get the community to come together over the weekend. On Monday, they intend to reveal the third of the Mighty Numbers over on their Kickstarter page, but with a little extra help from the Get Me Off the Moon Facebook group, you can all discover this third master of robotic mayhem a couple of days early! This is the Mighty No. 9 campaign's way of thanking everyone for their support so far.

Simply download the two zip files provided both here and on GMOTM (one from each of us), and use your best puzzle-solving and Photoshopping skills to reassemble Keiji Inafune's original pencil design sketch for this bad bot. As a matter of reference, the image seen at right is the pencil sketch for Mighty No. 1. "This is just an experiment," they note, "so let us know what you think – we have no idea if it’ll be too hard, too easy, fun or annoying, so let us know your feedback!"

To help you figure it out, here are some clues that have been provided: 

  • The pieces are all numbered for reference, but have been mixed up and are not in numerical order – you will need all of them, both .zip files of images, to make the complete, final picture. (Any squares that are all white have been left out, so we suggest putting them together on a white background
  • All the pieces are oriented right-side-up as they are in the two .zips (i.e. you don’t need to worry about rotating them in order to make them fit with each other) and they were cut up in a regular grid formation, so they will line up one exactly above/below and beside one other; 
  • The hope is that the community can work together to divide up the work, and get it all done, together, somehow! If people are looking for other folks to help or work with, they can look to your forums, the KS page comments, or tweet pics of sections they put together along with the piece numbers to each other, all with hashtag #MightyPuzzle

When and if the puzzle is completed, a new piece of concept art will be revealed soon after, though not necessarily for Mighty No. 3. "BUT!" they add, "This is more about the journey, not the reward at the end, so please don’t expect something too significant to be released at the end – at least not this time! This is just something we came up with spur-of-the-moment, based on seeing all the passion and excitement of the fans."

Again, this is an experiment, and the folks behind the Mighty No. 9 campaign want to know whether you find this too easy or hard, and if you think it's fun, or just annoying. Knowing you guys, you won't hold back, so make your thoughts known in the comments below!

Finally, don't forget we now have temporary forums going if you would like to convene, plot, and plan together.