Wanted: Your Questions for Inafune

Wow, it feels like only yesterday that we were last asking for your questions for Keiji Inafune (the results of which, if you missed them, are right here). But now it's that time again, though it's admittedly not for our own interview.

Rashed of Get Me Off The Moon will be attending the IGN Convention in Bahrain today, and on the docket is an interview with none other than the man behind Mighty No. 9, Keiji Inafune! And since the last batch of questions were solicited before the game's reveal, it's only fitting that Beck and company are the focus now. 

To participate, leave your best question (not everything will be answered, of course) on their Facebook post, this website (not TMMN, in case it wasn't clear by the link), or in the comments of the YouTube video featured above.