First English Language Trailer for Project X Zone

Here is the first English language trailer for Project X Zone, which will be coming out in North America on June 25th and Europe on July 5th. There is some concern with the trailer, which appears to lack any Japanese voice acting. However, Siliconera (who also has some additional screens) maintains that the Japanese voicing will be retained. It's believed this footage just comes from a test build of the localization.

Additionally, the battle cut scenes feature subtitles for what the characters would normally be saying when voiced.

Thanks for the tip, Magnet_Man!

PXZ Gameplay of Tron and Her Servbots

Bandai Namco is releasing more gameplay to countdown the impending release of Project X Zone, and this one features the Bonne mechanic having to get along with the likes of Frank and Hsien-Ko (or "that cameraman" and "that jiangshi" according to the Servbots). It even features an arrangement of "The Flutter Vs. The Gesellschaft", which by now has become the trademark theme of all things Legends.

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See Maverick Hunters and Pirates Tear it Up in New PXZ Trailer

Bandai Namco Games sure knows how to make a trailer, eh? Here is 16 glorious minutes of the simulation crossover RPG Project X Zone. And the included Mega Man characters, much like everyone else get their due. You can jump to 4:50 to see Tron Bonne, the Servbots, X, Zero and Vile in the over-the-top action. Of course, the rest of the trailer is pretty good, too!

Thanks to MavJin-8 for the tip!

Full Cinematic Trailer for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

What's with the sudden flood of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 news all of a sudden? You'd think the game was just about to go on sale or something. Oh, right.

Anyway, here is the latest from our friends at Capcom Unity as they present the full cinematic trailer for the game:

On Unity, Brelston notes:

You've likely seen bits and pieces of this already - likely from TGS or other events - but this is the first time it's been presented in one uncut video. If you're a fan of epic stare-downs and Inception-style horns, hoo boy, you're in for a treat...

And if all you're interested in is seeing how Mega Man characters fit into this, then just skip to about 3:49. Hey, even Zero's there! He didn't even make it into the intro for the last one, did he?

Trailer for Mega Man #1

Following the posting of the preview pages for Mega Man #1 earlier, MMN reader Lamarfll pointed out that Comic Book Resources has an interesting animated trailer for the book, which you can see below, or find here.

As promotion for a comic book, this is kind of neat-- to say nothing of unexpected. No telling if there will be more to come with future issues, or if this is just for the series launch, however.

Legends 3 Project Promotional Trailer

Capcom Europe (as well as Capcom Unity) has released this new trailer for the Mega Man Legends 3 Project, but for the most part it just advertises the Devroom process and a few project updates so far. No real game content besides Servbot models and some quick flashes of concept artwork. Some of that stuff does look interesting, if you manage to pause it quick enough...

Update: To squeeze whatever content I can out of this video for us fevered Mega Man fans, I've extracted high res versions of the concept art screens with a little commentary. Hit the break.

Note that these images may not be representative of the content in the final game, and in fact I can't even guarantee these images are all from Legends 3's development.

Some stuff we've already seen, including Temeo City and the obscured water ruins concept. We also have new type of NPC, a bunch of NPCs in their underoos, and then images of a Servbot, Data and a Legends 1 styled Horocco which may not be from Legends 3's development work.

Here we have a very junky looking town, no idea if this is on Klickelan island or not, a launch pad likely for the rocket to save Mega Man, a mobile food stand and some kind of bike or scooter.

The only real interesting thing here is a new outfit for Roll. Perhaps it's her spacesuit? Wouldn't be very safe but then her normal attire isn't terribly fitting for a mechanic...

The Primordial Mega Man Legends

As we noted in our 23rd anniversary post, while the 17th of December marks birthdays for Mega Man and Mega Man X, the 18th of December is the birthday of Mega Man Legends. Of course, 13 is also not much of an age for celebration, but with Mega Man Legends 3 in development, it's quite a time for the series!

So let's take a look at this. Here's some footage from Rockman NEO, the temporary name given to Rockman DASH while it was in development. The footage comes from a VHS given out in Japan with the Capcom Friendly Club, a promotional magazine from Capcom (you can read more about that here). The demo build of Rockman NEO itself was also released, but seems to be pretty rare. Only a couple other of videos of it are on YouTube right now, and have no sound.

There are a fair number of differences here from the final game. These include differences with the model of Mega Man, a different symbol for the weapon gauge, and a significantly different design for the Apple Market. There are also audio differences, such as certain sound effects and the sound samples of certain songs. The theme of the Bonnes also sports a slightly altered melody. To see the game like this makes me really wonder what Legends 3 looks like now!

I must give many thanks to Arasoi and Retro Reality for procuring this footage for us. Though it's a bit soon to announce, there's quite a bit more stuff our sites will be collaborating to bring out in the coming months!

New Rockman Online Trailer

Yet another fully animated teaser, featuring a handful of classic and X series baddies, including the likes of Air Man, Pharaoh Man, Cloud Man, Flame Hyenard, Ferham and Scarface. We also have Mega Man and Mega Man X finally meeting up for the first time. I'm still not totally sure what's going on in this world, but it's all kinds of crazy awesome.

Hopefully gameplay footage will be coming shortly.

Edit: According to the trailer info, the game is said to take place in 2XXX, and will come together as "the encounter of two generations, and the power of two heroes."

Mega Man Universe Gameplay Trailer

Well, immediately following my speculation post, here is our first look at Mega Man Universe's gameplay! Which... appears to be some kind of polygonal Mega Man 2. No sign of any Kinect and Move usage, but the visual style is a little... interesting. Still, this only seems like just a taste of what to really expect.

We've updated with our own copy of the full length official trailer. Check after the break to see the other three individual character trailers.

Thanks, XHunter! [via Rockman AMV], Shoot Man

UPDATE: Rockman Zero Collection Gets a Trailer (now in English)

Looks like it didn't take long at all for a trailer of the Rockman Zero Collection to drop. While the first half is a pretty straightforward gameplay montage of the series, the second half shows off a bit of the bottom screen. It's hard to say much about it from what the trailer shows, but it looks like boss artwork is displayed on the bottom screen. There's also some sort of menu that looks like it contains thumbnails of the artwork. It's entirely possible that the bottom screen could be a dedicated art gallery, but hopefully this is only one of several functions. The number one thing I took away from this trailer is that the music seems to be retained from the original instead of using the remasters. I doubt they'd show this trailer with the original GBA music if the music in-game was going to be the redone versions. Honestly, this isn't too surprising considering the ridiculous amount of space it would take to contain 4 games worth of music in actual compressed audio instead of MIDI. Ah well.

Lastly, the mystery of the "extra logo" has been solved. It seems the rectangular slot on the official site that was previously empty has been filled in with a link to this very trailer which is embedded right below.

Update: Well it looks like there are at least 2 different functions for the bottom screen. While boss art and pics of Zero still look like they're purely aesthetic, there's another interesting thing shown. Protodude has pointed out on his blog that the other menu looks like Zero 3's e-modification card menu.

"The Rockman Zero modification cards were cards sold exclusively in Japan in 2004, and when used with Nintendo's e-Reader device, they would make minor modifications to Rockman Zero's 3 gameplay.  To accommodate for the lack of an e-Reader, Zero Collection looks to be implementing this system within the game itself.  'Course, this is just speculation, so don't take my word for it." -Protodude

Very interesting indeed. A feature predicted by our own LBD "Nytetrayn".

News Credit: Protodude's Rockman Corner

Rockman 10 website goes live

runningFollowing the 22nd anniversary live stream, Capcom of Japan has launched the Rockman 10 homepage. For now the info mostly surrounds the game's story and main characters, but be sure to check out the promotional movie and delicious screens. It does mention, however, that the game is only one player, so the rumored co-op seems to be out. Pages yet to come will detail the bosses, items and how to purchase. Edit: The Mega Man 10 homepage is now available, and is rather different from the Japanese site, language notwithstanding. --LBD

New Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom footage, Roll production art

Here's two back-to-back three minute trailers for the upcoming Capcom fighting extravaganza, Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars. The footage features both MegaMan Volnutt and Roll. I have to admit, while I'm not much of a fighting game fan, TvC is looking pretty cool!

Additionally, here's some production artwork of Roll from Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom's official blog.


News Credit: GoNintendo

Nintendo Channel's Operate Shooting Star trailer

Here's the trailer for Rockman EXE Operate Shooting Star that's appeared on Japan's Minna no Nintendo Channel. It's some new footage mixed with old. Furthermore, if the trailer is to be viewed as the final product, this close to the game's release (it practically is out now), it seems they kept the majority of the game's music sounding similar to the GBA version of the game. Rather unfortunate.

News Credit: Gamersdag, via GoNintendo

Update: Subtitled Rockman EXE Operate Shooting Star official trailer

Courtesy of Famitsu, here is Capcom's TGS 2009 trailer for Rockman EXE Operate Shooting Star, which we have graciously subtitled for you. Here are some interesting notes to point out about the video:

-Contains arranged version of the MMBN main theme, but the rest of the music is original GBA and DS tunes (probably just filler for this video). -Game will feature voice acting for at least Lan and MegaMan. Voices appear to be the same talent who worked on the Japanese anime. -ProtoMan, ShadowMan and even Bass make their appearances among the footage. -What appears to be a Program Advance similar to Double Hero, with both MegaMans, in the battle with ClockMan. (Curiously, this scene is cut so you can't tell which MegaMan is actually doing the fighting.) -ClockMan's battlefield panels are identical to the ones in NumberMan's stage, implying the event takes place there. -Even Navi chips such as GutsMan's will be available with a * code. -The new Rockman Star Colosseum appears to be a frantic battle to collect stars while your friends try to stop you/get the stars themselves. Has a map apparently to show the location of players and items. (I don't know how close this is to Star Force 2's Colosseum minigame, I never had a chance to play it.)

Original video source: Famitsutube, via Protodude's Rockman Corner