Your Wear Has Been Megafied

It's been a little while, but you may recall the "Your Wear, Megafied" campaign started by Asadori. The whole scheme finally wrapped up, and you can now view the results. These are various peoples' fan artwork made in remembrance of Mega Man Universe. As promised, the artwork was used in the creation of miniature T-shirts, which you can see on the site with a dedication to MMU. As Asadori states, we'll never know what happened with MMU, but we can still remember it well and wonder what could have been. And even though the game was met with a fair amount of criticism as well, I think it's good for us fans to band together and show support for the series.

Capcom Responds to MML3 Rallying Efforts Thus Far

Today Kotaku posted their inquiry to Capcom's take on the efforts thus far of fans rallying for Capcom to restart development of Mega Man Legends 3. Naturally, some would find the response Capcom had a bit disheartening.

"We are aware of the fan created Facebook page requesting that we resume development of Mega Man Legends 3," Capcom spokesman Brian Keltner told Kotaku Monday afternoon. "While Capcom has a built a strong relationship with its community and values their feedback, Mega Man Legends 3 development has officially ceased without plans to resume development."

While certainly a letdown, I would not personally expect a change in procedure anytime soon. And truthfully, this is about the same as any comment would sound concerning any Capcom game that they have not formally announced. They will say they have no plans up until whenever and if ever they decide to announce its revival.

All in all, this should just give you cause to fight even harder. Everyone needs to realize that this movement wouldn't succeed overnight. We're very well going to have to rally this game for months, maybe years to come, and I know it can be terribly difficult to keep up momentum and motivation for such a long time. The moment motivation breaks is when Legends 3 is truly lost. And even if Capcom were to turn around on their decision tomorrow, it would still take time to reorganize the staff and resources to pick things up again (at this point the staff have certainly been assigned other projects). Patience is a most needed virtue.

I'm not going to paint some fantasy scene of success. But Capcom is a business as any other, and at some point they have to answer to their customers (many people think that businesses are about making money, but they are really about making customers). So if you want Legends 3 that much, you will just have to keep supporting it. The means are out there, be active and spread the word. That's all we have.

Thanks to HeatPhoenix, Bot Marley and XTRSunburn for the tip. Guide for Rockman DASH 3 Support

Here's another way for you to show your support for Mega Man Legends 3/Rockman DASH 3 that I expect you all to jump on. is a prominent Japanese site that allows people to request a given desired product. While I'm not familiar with the specifics, I do know that Capcom of Japan does pay attention to this site, and has released other products based on fan requests here. even has a special section for Rockman manga. A Japanese fan has wrote to us and provided this guide for how you can register an account on and send in your support. This registration process is pretty straightforward, and once you confirm your account you are in. Note that the drop down list for location does not have an option for outside Japan, so just select any one. It's a touch deceitful but there's no way around it. Once you have an account (you will get mail confirmation), be sure you're at this page when you make your request. You will have to write a message with your request; if you must use English I recommend something short, simple and positive. Once you've made your mark, get others on board as well.

Pull no punches folks. It may take months of work, but if we keep at this I do feel we make a change. Never waver and never lose momentum. Fans around the world want Legends 3. If you have any issue with registering, comment here with the details and I'll see if I can help you out.

Megafying Your Wear to Support Mega Man Universe (Updated)

It was quite a bummer earlier this year when Capcom eventually announced the cancellation of Mega Man Universe. I think by now most of us have gotten past it, but that doesn't mean everyone has. A Japanese fan who goes by the handle Asadori has set into motion a small scale campaign called Your Wear, Megafied! in the hopes of rallying interest in the ditched game. The project is certainly a unique one. People who wish to participate select a character from what Mega Man Universe materials did happen to come out. This includes the Mega Man 2 Robot Masters, all varieties of Mega Man, and the customized characters like Chop Man and Met Man. After being verified, participants then draw that character, and have until July 31st to send it in.

Next, Asadori will have the character artwork printed on shirts. For the sake of keeping costs down, these will be mini T-shirts printed by Geki T-shirts. These mini Ts are too small to wear, and instead intended for decorating figures and dolls. Asadori will then send out the shirts to the contributors, who in return send in their photos of the shirts. The results of all this work will be publicized by the end of August. There may also be more to it than I'm noticing, but again it is supposed to be a small scale campaign.

It may be doubtful such a project can cause a stir at Capcom, but it's always great to see support. And considering Mega Man Universe is a title that was seemingly geared towards a western audience, it's great to see our fellow Japanese fans keeping up an interest in it. Maybe we should be, too.

UPDATE: Having been pleased to see us spread the word, Asadori (whose English is quite capable) has made an English version of his Your Wear, Megafied! project. Check it out, and thank you Asadori!

News Credit: Wizaman