UDON Teases "Biggest Mega Man Project Yet"

That's pretty much the whole story in the headline there. UDON Entertainment is planning to announce their biggest ever Mega Man project next week. And as a means to build the hype, they are releasing pieces of an image each day until then. The first of five, which looks like MegaMan Volnutt, is up now. Or... maybe it's X without his helmet, though I'm not so sure there. Perhaps the future image reveals will continue a Legends themed product, or perhaps reveal other series entirely?

Commence the five days of hype and speculation!

Edit - Image 2 uploaded! Looks like Zero's joined the party! - Tabby

Waiting for Legends 3: A Tribute

Ok I'm taking a risk here. I'm posting this video without really having watched any of it yet, because I CANNOT watch more than a few seconds without completely cracking up. I apologize, Dashe, I know I'm a horrible person. However, I've been assured that the video is entirely clean. And really, when fans go to these lengths to create something like this, you just know the game is hotly anticipated. I know the rest of you have been creating your own Legends 3 themed musicals at your computers. Start recording them!

Thanks, Cleveland Rock!