Paging Dr. Light to the OR - Emergency Operation on Guts Man

Do you recall that old game Operation? There was no way I could play that as a kid that wouldn't have resulted in a major lawsuit in real life. So this Guts Man version of Operation, created by Kodykoala, might do the trick. Robots can't take you to court you, right? They're just tin cans.

This custom Operation: Guts Man Edition is a revamped model of the game originally intended for Iron Man, of all characters, but replaces him with a Jazwares vinyl Guts Man figure, which has been painted up all nice and metallic. You can find more shots of the finished game at Kodykoala's Flickr page.

If I could make one suggestion, it would be altering the game so that it makes this noise when you mess up.

Via Destructoid (thanks Tony!)

Surprise Character in Smash Bros De-make!

What do you get when you combine Super Smash Bros with the GameBoy...? Why, a retroesque, low-resolution, greenish de-make called Super Smash Land of course!

This PC fan-game, which has been in the works for quite a while, is now finally available free for download, featuring six playable characters, eleven stages, 4-player mode and more!

The character roster may be small for a Smash Bros game, but do mind that creator Dan Fornace finally fulfills the one wish that many fans had since the initial announcement of Super Smash Bros Brawl...

That's right, now you can smash your thumbs sore with the Blue Bomber... or should I say Shades-of-Green Bomber? Anyway, his inclusion comes complete with a fitting Skull Castle Stage.

Watch the trailer to see the game in action:

Rockman Sprite Logic Hits Japanese Phones... Except Mine

A new Rockman game is available on SoftBank, Docomo and au branded mobile phones in Japan. As briefly mentioned a while back, this one is Rockman Sprite Logic. If you've ever played Mario's Picross, you know exactly what the deal is. However, with the increased 20 x 20 grid, these might be even more challenging.

Using the numbers on the side and top, you determine where to place a dot and where not to. For example, a 7 3 would mean there is a line 7 dots long and a line 3 dots long in the corresponding row or column, but with at least one empty space between them. Entering the dots correctly builds a sprite image. And Mega Man is pretty well known for sprites after all. Unlike Mario's Picross, though, there's no timer and no penalty for hitting a wrong dot, so maybe not so challenging?

Unfortunately I ended up getting an iPhone. Not really happy about it but long story. Nevertheless, for cool Japanese phones, 20 puzzles are available now and 20 more will be on October 3rd.

Via Rockman Unity

New Cell Phone Game "Rockman Diver"

Capcom of Japan has just announced a new and simplistic keitai game called Rockman Diver for docomo, au and SoftBank branded cell phones. The game seems to be based on Mega Man's worst nightmare: falling slowly through water down a pit of evilly arranged spikes. Your score is based on how far you manage to dive before goofing up and heading to the big laboratory in the sky. Collecting recovery items also boosts your score. The graphics appear to be based on Splash Woman's stage. The game is available for ¥315 per month through the Capcom Party service. I dunno if this game would ever come to the west, but if it does I hope they name it Scuba Die-ving after the challenge stage in Mega Man 10.

Mega Man and X Tennis Battle is Totally Canon

Here's a curious treat. So far as I'm aware, this is the first video footage to be taken of Rockman Tennis, one of many cell phone Rockman games released exclusively in Japan. The game lets you play as Rockman, Roll, Blues, Cut Man, Wood Man and Shadow Man, plus Rockman X is a downloadable character. According to COCOROG, where the video originates, the game features follow:

-No story at all. -Each character had their own theme song. (Roll's is "Kaze yo Tsutaete.") -Each character has different stats. -You can equip characters with items to improve their abilities. -You can direct lobs and return hits. -Hitting left or right will change the ball's angle. -A gauge fills up allowing you to do a super shot.

If only the Maverick Wars had been handled this way instead of all the bloodshed... Wait, X loses? What the heck!?


What Is Your All-Time Favorite Mega Man?

We're conducting a fun little survey for the next couple weeks here. As 2010 comes to a close, we want to know what is your favorite Mega Man game of all time! And to tell us, all you need to do is write us at this e-mail with your favorite Mega Man game ever as the subject. No commentary necessary, and you can only pick one. Yes, out of the entire franchise. I know how hard that will be, but do your best. We are hoping to get thousands of responses, since there are quite a few Mega Man games, so be sure to tell your friends too! We will announce the top ten answers on this month's upcoming Megacast (incidentally there is no Minicast this period). I may even randomly select one mailer to win a prize. I don't know what though. I literally just thought of it right now. We look forward to your responses! Please e-mail!

UPDATE: Couple things. First, I've decided that answers given in the comments here will count too. So, either e-mail them in or post here. Second, please remember, you can only pick one game. I don't want to see multiple titles. And I certainly don't want to see arguing pertaining to peoples' choices.

UPDATE 2: You can find the results in our latest podcast post!

Fan-Made Mega Man 9 HD Remix

For those out there who bemoan the 8-bit retro chic look of Mega Man 9 and 10, I'd just like to point this out to you: it could be worse. Of course I don't mean to disparage the work of Eric Ruth, the man behind this fan-made HD remake of Mega Man 9, and also known for doing an 8-bit rendition of Left 4 Dead (I'm starting to see a theme here). Having watched the video, I can attest this is a pretty skillfully made recreation of Galaxy Man's stage.

Eric is not planning on finishing this project, having concern about legal repercussions from Capcom. I don't see too much of an issue, although I think Mega Man 9 is pretty much fine the way it is. But I know there are those who want it in HD regardless. Of course to be truly HD, it'd need a lot more cut scenes.

News Credit: GoNintendo