More Chiptune Grooves to Enjoy

Following the release of RushJet1's superb Mega Man 3 chiptune arrangement, here's another new album in a similar vein. Sugar Sugar Marathon 20XX is a 25th anniversary celebratory album with tracks from across the main ten Mega Man titles with a predominant chiptune sound. Artists include Cjeeey, Hpizzle, Capcomposer & Thretris, FantomenK, Nestrogen, kami68k, 2PLAYER, ThePlasmas, NESMETAL and eLectrodreams.

You can listen to the album above, and if you like it, downloading is as simple as a right click here. Keep it up, fans. This has been the most musical anniversary ever!

Thanks for the tip, Joey!

Original Fan Mega Man Music to Liven Up Your Ears

Mega Man music rocks, and talented fans love to remix and arrange it. But sometimes you can only play with the same songs so much. That's when you make your OWN Mega Man music. Why not?

Our pal Tony of Destructoid has been bringing us word of a couple new completely Mega Man themed fan soundtracks. First, we have a new Rokko Chan arranged album called Rokko Chan: Extended Play. If you forgot, Rokko Chan was a well made Mega Man inspired fan game that came out late last year, and caught a pretty devoted following. The new album is headed up by Dj Cutman and a bevvy of other artists.

Next up, Mega Man 11. No, really!

Sadly, this is not for a "real" Mega Man 11 in production or anything. It's a conceptual album that imagines what songs for a Mega Man 11 could be like. They're composed by Xavier Dang faithfully in 8-bit chiptune style - you can even get the soundtrack as an emulated NES music file! The 29 track album has also been supported by interested fans contributing artwork and the like to really help bring it alive.

As always, the fans come together and make the most awesome stuff. That's what I love so much about this community!

25-Foot Mega Man 2 Select Screen, Built With Legos

eschwaaz at NeoGAF shared his friend's 5 x 5 foot interior decorating with the world last summer. While this masterful recreation of Mega Man 2's select screen does not require any introduction, it's worth noting that this flawless recreation used only normal Lego pieces, at a total of 37,248 1 x 1 bricks.

More pictures can be found at the NeoGAF thread.

Mega Man Tries Out for a Rhythm Game

Here is an entertaining little video, created by Niconico Video user naganuma. I've seen people try to shoot in rhythm to the music in speed runs, but they have nothing on this. (Of course, this is engineered.)

I've long been interested in making a rhythm themed Mega Man game, though one like this probably wouldn't work well. Especially since it would require you to take damage and die!

Via E-Can Factory

"Those Halcyon Days"

Following Megaman2468101214's Ode to Mega Man from the other day, David Trigger Helton has followed up with his own Legends-centric poem. Take it away, David! "Those Halcyon Days"

I still recall those halcyon days: Days of island exploration, Days of Diggers' excavation, Days of treasure's expectation. I still recall those halcyon days, When Rockman DASH was king.

I still recall those puzzled days: Days of rumors so contrary, Days of stories legendary, Days of Diggers' adversary. I still recall those puzzled days, When all was questioning.

I still recall those worried days: Days of Flutter's crash delirious, Days of pirate threats imperious, Days of evil force mysterious. I still recall those worried days, When peace fled on the wing.

I still recall those trying days: Days of Reaverbots' awakening, Days of Tron Bonne's pirate taking, Days of fearful hearts a-quaking. I still recall those trying days, When war dealt out its sting.

I still recall those searching days: Days of hunting legend's treasure, Days of fighting Teisel's pleasure, Days of puzzles past all measure. I still recall those searching days, When lore was everything.

I still recall those Digger days: Days of Cardon's trekking blistery, Days of Jyun's guarded history, Days of Clozer's fateful mystery. I still recall those Digger days, When clues were whispering.

I still recall those dreadful days: Days of Watcher's eye unblinking, Days of Sleeper's deathly sinking, Days of Dreamer's twisted thinking. I still recall those dreadful days, When Juno, death did bring.

I still recall those final days: Days of Juno's confrontation, Days of Data's revelation, Days of Kattelox salvation. I still recall those final days, When Eden lost its sting.

I still recall those happy days: Days of mysteries unraveled, Days of fleeing pirate rabble, Days of Flutter's onward travel. I still recall those happy days, When joyful songs did ring.

I still recall those halcyon days, When Rockman DASH was king.

"Blue Words; Bombed Dreams:" An Ode to Mega Man

A lot of fans are expressing their disappointment in Capcom through different means, such as videos, art, or in the case of Megaman2468101214, a poem. We'll try to post some of what we can here, to help spread the word and show an ever-greater community voice. Who knows? Maybe someone will listen. Take it away, Megaman2468101214:

"I was inspired to make this from observing my fellow fan backlash towards Capcom's recent attitude towards our favourite Blue Bomber..."

"Blue Words; Bombed Dreams"

We rolled into your lives, We rocked your dreams,

And we exiled all thoughts of leaving you, Never would we abandon your hopes;

Our memories together extended beyond nostalgia; Since our creation from light we promised to give you joy,

Yet, wily intentions sealed our fate; We promised to return, equipped to survive to create a new legacy,

From the network, to the radio waves; we planned to extend our reach, So we may be remembered for all time;

But the beast returned, and resealed our potential and promises into unloving metal; The Ragnarok that we survived once has forever deleted our intents to return once more;

We swore before that we would come back to strike down this maverick, Yet hear we lie, lifeless, unable to tango once more.

However, head our command; we have not died, We only escaped the rushed wiles of the monsters,

And though our memories together have returned to zero, We swear that you will survive, whether we return or remain in our cyberspace.

So wish upon a star, for we will return to this universe,


Another Fan Shirt Blasting Your Way

Last week we posted about a couple sweet Mega Man and Proto Man shirts by The Daily Robot that went up for sale. Well just as a little update, one more has been added to the fray, and I don't think it would be worth posting unless it were Bass. Which it is. Stylish in black, even I'm kind of tempted to grab this, although I'm still a Mega Man guy all the way. You can order the shirt from RedBubble, and keep an eye on The Daily Robot for potentially more Mega Man themed items down the road. Thanks, The Daily Robot and MegaZX30!

Some More Outstanding Mega Man Apparel

Feeling a little out-of-style, my fellow fans? Feast your eyes on these shirts. I love it when we get some Mega Man themed clothing that's as stylish as these "paint explosion" T-shirts. If you really dig them you can head over to RedBubble for the Mega Man version or the Proto Man version (or both for complete fashion power!). Thanks for the tip, kijan! (via Fashionably Geek)

Fan-Made Mega Man Stage Creator

Since the Mega Man Universe front has gotten so quiet these days, let's take a look at a fan endeavor for the time being. Here is a video from the in-the-works Mega Man Engine by MegaMangaArtist. It appears to imbue all the stage building elements found in something like Mega Man Universe or Mega Man Powered Up. It will also have support for "2.5D" style graphics and custom tiles. In more recent videos, MMA appears to also be adding full-on 3D models as well. Quite the mixed bag! You can see all the videos for Mega Man Engine development here.