More Merti, More Color

The last time we saw X's manga-nificent gal-pal Merti/Marti/whatever, she was looking a little... well, barren. At least, insofar as her attire was concerned. And truth be told, not much has changed... but, that isn't to say nothing has changed. Courtesy of Auto, we have a new pic (click to enlarge) of the Reploid-mermaid-pirate-Saint Seiya cosplayer (thanks to Auto again for that one), now with all of her colorful paint apps applied.

As you can see, she now has eyes! She also has more blue across her costume, while the red parts from before now carry a snazzy new metallic sheen, with a fade to gold along the... er, wings? Cape? The things which aren't hair and are going down her back.

Of course, as Heat noted previously, it is a garage kit, and so there will be some elbow grease required in order to have a finished product sitting before you. Whether that includes paint and decals (meaning the pic is just for show), we still have no word. But for now, enjoy!

Merti Appears in Color (Primarily Flesh)

H'ooooooh man. We're not gonna need to install an age gate on this site are we? Here is the basic color cast of Yama Tai Koku's Merti garage kit, commissioned by Rockman X manga writer Yoshihiro Iwamoto himself. If you could attend Wonder Fest next month and purchase the kit, this is essentially what you'd end up with without any additional painting. It's not terrible actually; most garage kits come in plain gray. Along with the photo, additional kit details were also revealed on figure site FG. The kit was essentially designed to match the proportions of the D-Arts Rockman X figures. It will include three facial expressions, three hand types, and Merti's spear-like weapon. The joints, which are typical consumer figure joints, must be purchased separately. There is no word on whether or not the kit will come with decals for the finer details, such as eyes. If you do come to Wonder Fest, though, you can get an autograph from Iwamoto himself!

So if you're really looking to grab this kit, you better be prepared for a bit of DIY work. On the other hand, your laziness is essentially being rewarded with more skin than Merti's outfit normally features!

Thanks for the tip, Auto!

Yet More Wonder Fest Reporting

Capcom's own Ucchy-san stayed up quite late to deliver you his own report of the Winter 2011 Wonder Festival. I don't think he even got to play Rockman 4 before nodding off. His report has some photos of stuff we've seen, and some photos of stuff we haven't. But I figured if anything you'd enjoy this completed Roll! Roll! Roll! puzzle, since the image seems to have a strange effect on some of you.

Additionally, Bandai is having their own Tamashii Features Vol. 2 event in Akihabara later today, and it sounds like their D-Arts Rockman X figure will be on display. We'll keep you posted.

A Parade of More Wonder Fest Garage Kits

[gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="2" orderby="title"] In my opinion, Yama Tai Koku's Leviathan would have been Best In Show at the Winter 2011 Wonder Festival, but then it's not like I even went. But it was far from the only Rockman themed garage kit appearing at the show. Here are a few more, via Tomopop. Check out their gallery to see more pics, as well as non-Rockman themed figures.

Thanks, CronoLink!