TMMN Reviews: Bandai D-Arts Bass Figure w/Treble (Warning: Image-Heavy)

TMMN Reviews: Bandai D-Arts Bass Figure w/Treble (Warning: Image-Heavy)

The third in our line of Bandai D-Arts reviews (following Mega Man & Rush and Vile) is none other than the Blue Bomber's robotic rival, Bass, who is accompanied by his faithful robotic support wolf, Treble.

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Dropping the Bass (and Treble)

dffa69b4-sIn case anyone was curious about the status of Bandai's D-Arts Bass figure (with Treble, naturally) at various retailers, tipster "Dr. Wily" has given us the lowdown on the current situation. For those ordering through, they've apparently changed their site to note that instead of the previously-stated July release date, their orders will be going out in August. Diamond Distributors' Previews catalog had a shipping date for August 28th, but their page now lists it with their releases that are to reach comic shops on August 7th (meaning they'll likely arrive the day before). However, Wily notes that "sometimes Diamond adds things to the early listing shipping lists that they remove the next week when the shipments actually ship. So, it may disappear from the shipping list by next week."

Finally, Amazon has been a bit perplexing on this front, as's listing reportedly said the figure was in stock earlier today, but now says August 3rd is when it will be available. It could be that they ran out of stock fulfilling their pre-orders, but we'll only know for sure if people begin receiving their Bass figures (with Treble) before August 3rd.

Diamond's Previews Catalog Turns Up the Bass with New D-Arts Solicitation

dffa69b4-sPreviews, the catalog for comic book distributor Diamond, has updated with a new listing which many of you have no doubt been eagerly awaiting: The D-Arts action figures of Bass and Treble from Bandai and Bluefin Tamashii Nations!

From Tamashii Nations! Previously available only as a Tamashii Web Shop exclusive in Asia, Tamashii Nations proudly releases the ultimate Mega Man rival to the ranks of the D-Arts series! The D-Arts Bass & Treble will be made available to American fans who have requested the characters' release! The D-Arts Bass action figure set will feature an articulated figure of the character's intrepid wolf-robot, Treble! Interchangeable arm parts for Bass Buster, as well as interchangeable hand and face parts, are also included in the set. The figure stands 4 1/2" tall. Window box packaging.

The solicitation lists a price of $43.99, and gives a release date of August 23rd, 2013 for the figure. However, as tipster "Dr. Wily" points out that toy items tend to ship late, and the D-Arts Mega Man figure apparently held true to that form.

D-Arts Bass Gets June Release in Japan

dartsforte Last year, Bandai announced they were creating a figure of Bass (Forte), following Mega Man in their D-Arts line. This magazine clip via Plastic Joint confirms that Bass will be releasing in Japan on June, at a retail price of ¥3990 (about $45 US). Features are still unclear, and will likely come with Bandai's official announcement, but it will include the figure of Treble in the set.

News Credit: Protodude's Rockman Corner

Treble an Accessory "Assuming" Bass Becomes an Actual Product

It's time to break out your image macros of Fry (or variants thereof), everyone. Bluefin Tamashii Nations USA has updated their Facebook page once again, this time with the picture of Treble you see at right (click to enlarge).

There, they clarify that much like Rush, Treble would be included as an "accessory" with their release of a Bass D-Arts figure, "assuming this becomes a product."

So there's the downside of the news. Of course, you can always make your voice heard by going to their Facebook page and making your voice heard. Let them know that we want Bass, and his (not-so) little dog, too!