PrototypeZ Studios Shows Off Mega Man X Model Kit at SDCC

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Looks like Capcom isn't the only ones with a Mega Man figure at San Diego Comic Con this year. Sculptor PrototypeZ Studios is showing off their own 1:6 scale Mega Man X figure at the convention. Little other details are given now, although it appears PrototypeZ has a history of making figures from the Street Fighter franchise. I am also not sure if this is a prototype, or if painting is required to finish it. Gundam Guy, who brings us the photos, writes that the kit is "coming soon!" We keep you posted on more!

Thanks for the tip, Vile MKII! (Images via Gundam Guy Blog)

Take a Look at the SDCC Exclusive Mega Man #24 Variant Cover

Megaman#24ConVar_0 Yet more San Diego Comic Con exclusive goodies. If you'll be making it to the con, you can stop by Archie's booth and pick up this special variant cover edition of Mega Man #24, the start of the "Worlds Collide" story arch. This collector's item will run you $10. Perhaps it will also come with an explanation as to what Sonic and Rock are doing without their shoes and helmet. Don't think I've ever seen Sonic's feet before...

News Credit: Mega Man Monthly

UDON Reveals Limited Edition MM25 Hardcover

SDCC2013_UDON_MM25For the collector who must have only the best, UDON has officially announced the special edition hardcover version of MM25 Mega Man & Mega Man X Official Complete Works. This version comes with a blue laser foil jacket. It will be available at San Diego Comic Con for $100. It's limited edition, however, so be sure to see UDON in a hurry! They will be at booth 4529.

Mega Man and X Together at Last

megamanandxstatue Well, in this commemorative statue at least. Originally mentioned back at PAX, this 10 inch resin statue is coated in silver coloring and features both Mega Man and X. The reason being, while last year was the start of Mega Man's 25th anniversary, this year will have Mega Man X turning 20 himself.

Much like the 25th anniversary Mega Man statue, this statue is also planned to be a limited edition purchase at the upcoming San Diego Comic Con in July, but a certain quantity will be sold via Capcom's digital store. It's mostly finished but will still undergo a handful of tweaks, such as the numbering plate. Further updates and other details, such as price, should be made available in the coming weeks.

Mega Man Cases for Nintendo 3DS Coming to the Capcom Store

[gallery columns="2" link="file" ids="21613,21612"] First: Making a "Mega Man on 3DS" joke would have been too easy, and we're pretty sure we did that one already. Besides which, the Virtual Console releases kind of make it moot anyway.

In all seriousness, Capcom Unity has revealed a brand-new case coming to the Capcom Store. Inspired by the success of their similar Monster Hunter cases and with the whole NES Mega Man series coming to the handheld, they figure "why not release a Blue Bomber one, too?" And so they are.

These aren't available yet, as they're still fine-tuning and ordering them, but they will be available in time for the San Diego Comic-Con, and will come in both regular and XL sizes. You can see more pics here, and if you'd rather have a Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate case, more of those are on the way, too. Perhaps if there is sufficient demand, they'll make other Mega Man cases as well!

Sources: Hazard and GoNintendo