Capcom Unity Chats It Up with Ian Flynn at NYCC 2012

Watch live video from Capcom-Unity on TwitchTV What happens when the company behind one of our favorite video game franchises and the writer behind one of our favorite comic books converge on the same convention? Well, if you guessed that they'd meet up... well, you're right. What are the odds?

Pretty good when it's Capcom Unity and Ian Flynn, writer of Archie's Mega Man comic book, and now you can check out the live community chat they had earlier today in the viewer above. Our own Tabby even got to ask a question (though we're not sure whether it made it in or not), so keep an ear out for that!

The Mega Man Network Interview with Archie Comics: Your Questions Answered! (Part 1)

It has been a little while since we put the call out to you for your questions for the Archie Comics creative staff behind the new Mega Man comic. The folks there have been working at a feverish pace to get the book going, and as some of you have already seen, the effort appears to be paying off. Fortunately, with the first issue set to hit comic shops later this week, we have received answers to some of your questions! Writer Ian Flynn and artist Patrick Spaziante are still hard at work, and so the questions passed along to them may take a little more time to get back to us. In the meantime, editor Paul Kaminski has stepped up to help field some of the broader questions surrounding the book.

Do note that quite a few of you asked similar questions, so in the interest of time and space, those will likely be condensed to one general question for the team.

And now, on to questions from you, The Mega Man Network's visitors and readers!

1) At some point in time, are you planning on ending the Classic storyline and lead into the X storyline? --Shawn Adair

Paul Kaminski, Editor (PK): It will take a bit of time, but we’re looking forward to exploring all the corners of the Mega Man Universe, X especially!

2) SEGA has been known to keep certain game characters/concepts off limits in the Sonic comic. Can you tell us if/what Capcom says is off-limits for now? --Stephen

PK: Capcom has been extremely helpful and encouraging throughout this whole process, and so far everything we’ve wanted to try or include has been met with nothing but helpful and positive feedback. I wouldn’t presume to speak for Capcom here, but I think as long as we remain respectful to the characters and tell a good story with them, everything is on the table!

3) Will the series cover games from 1-10?

PK: It’s our hope to include all of those games into the comic series – but we can’t tell you the why or the how yet – you’ll have to read the series to find out!

4) Will there be any custom Robot Masters, such as Barrage Man, Express Man, and Multi Man from the Dreamwave comics? –steev

PK: Archie’s Mega Man is much more game-inspired in terms of plot, look and feel than the Dreamwave books were. Starting out, we feel that the Mega Man Universe already has so many awesome characters and Robot Masters that are begging to be explored that we won’t need to re-invent the wheel just yet. But you can expect to see an original character or two integrated along the way.

5) Will it be reaching worldwide ;-;?

I mean I live in Mexico and it’s unfair that it only says subscriptions to USA and Canada – Gingler

PK: The Mega Man comics will be available to North American territories, which includes Mexico, so you should be covered! Again, other countries outside of North America are encouraged to write us at and let us know you want to see Mega Man comics worldwide! 6) Will I be able to purchase the cover variants separately or is it like a luck of the draw kind of thing? --Elvin Daniel Padilla

PK: All Mega Man variant covers will be available for purchase in comic stores only – subscribers and newsstands will get the “main” cover only. For a comic shop near you, call 1-888-comicbook.

7) What changes/additions have been made story story wise to enrich the tale? Is it deeper than the games or has nothing really been changed? --Tornado Man

PK: Well we can’t give those details away, but we can say that Archie’s Mega Man will be extremely faithful to the games, using comic book storytelling that is quintessentially American.

8 ) How did you sign on with Capcom? I think its a great idea and i already have the comic pre-ordered! Great job with Sonic the Ongoing-series! –Eagon

PK: About this time last year we started discussing how to expand our videogame comic book titles beyond Sonic. As some word got out about such an expansion, Capcom approached us about the possibility of a Mega Man comic, and the rest is history!

9) Any chance of a Blue Bomber (Mega Man) meets the Blue Blur (Sonic) in a crossover? Or will SEGA and Capcom not allow this? --Henmo24

PK: Wouldn’t that be cool?? It’s really up to Capcom and SEGA, but no plans at the moment.

10) Will Ian write the whole series for the foreseeable future, or will other writers write stories, too? –MKK

PK: Ian was heavily involved in the pitch for the series and will be its sole writer, at least for the foreseeable future.


In addition, keep an eye on Archie's official Mega Man blog, where you will soon find two questions from our very own MMN staffers, LanceHeart and Oakie620, over on , where they inquire about getting a subscription through PayPal and opening international subscriptions.

And that's it for this round! Keep your eyes peeled, as there were quite a few questions sent, and we hope to have more answers coming your way soon! In the meantime, you can check out more news, info, and other tidbits in the official Archie Mega Man blog, and subscribe at The Archie Comics Shop!

Celebrate 10 Years of Mega Man Battle Network by Giving the Creators Your Questions

Last week, we here at The Mega Man Network celebrated ten years of Mega Man Battle Network with a few words and a glimpse back at some of what came over the course of those ten years. And today, Capcom has joined in the fun of celebrating their own franchise with what can only be described as a pleasant surprise. Capcom Unity has gotten together with Eguchi-san (former scenario staff member for Battle Network 1&2, as well as scenario leader for Battle Network 3-6) and Ishihara-san (who designed the characters for all six Battle Network games), and they are now taking your questions about the series. Following next week's Captivate event (which our own Heat Man will be attending, provided his legs hold out longer than Mega Man's), there will be another blog post with the questions selected as the best of the bunch answered.

Please carefully note that unlike our collaboration with Archie, this does not involve The Mega Man Network in any official capacity, and you need to make sure you leave your questions in their comments section. We'll let you know when they update with the answers.

Dr. Light Explains It All

No, that's not the name of a failed Nickelodeon television series. This is actually from a Q&A section to the Club Capcom magazine printed in Japan 17 years ago. Hosted by Dr. Light (unless another character was butting in), the Q&A answered various questions about Capcom games, though a lot of course focused on Mega Man. I think what's most fascinating is that lots of these questions cover issues that are still coming to light to us westerners today, such as Shadow Man's supposed alien origins, how Eddie manages to transfer items, and the whole deal with Quint. Japanese fans have been privy to this stuff all along! (Though you know, we do have a wonderful wiki full of such information.) Unfortunately the magazine itself only ran for three issues, but there's still a bit of info to find out. You can check it all out at #20's The Reploid Research Lavatory, who thankfully also did all the translating!

Via Capcom Unity