Miss Capcom Unity's Mega Man Legacy Collection Livestream?

Miss Capcom Unity's Mega Man Legacy Collection Livestream?

The 2015 Electronic Entertainment Expo has come and gone, and as announced previously, Capcom Unity streamed live gameplay footage of Mega Man Legacy Collection over the course of the event by way of their Twitch TV channel.

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Check Out Mega Man at the Super Smash Bros. Smash-Fest @ Best Buy

Check Out Mega Man at the Super Smash Bros. Smash-Fest @ Best Buy

We held off on talking about Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. Smash-Fest @ Best Buy to see if there would be any confirmation of Mega Man as a playable character in these demos. Today, that confirmation has arrived! Read on to see where you'll be able to get your hands on the Blue Bomber and take him for a test run!

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TMMN Is Off to E3

We are at the eve of the E3 Expo, where video game companies from around the globe will gather to show off their latest games for the year. And wouldn't you know it, The Mega Man network will be in attendance! Well, I will at least, along with my pal Cheston (who assisted me back when we caught Mega Man 10 in Las Vegas). We will be driving out tomorrow morning to attend for the full three days. Of course, Capcom has not yet announced anything pertaining to Mega Man to be shown at E3. However, should anything come up we will cover it on the spot (or, whenever the NDA clears up). While merely my own speculation, I have to imagine Capcom will be revealing something related to Mega Man. Otherwise I can't fathom why they invited us! We will also see about getting some one-on-one time with whatever Capcom representatives may be present, and maybe bug some other gaming celebs about Mega Man. If you have questions you'd like us to look into, or other ideas, let us know!

Furthermore, even if a surprising new Mega Man game were announced, three days would be more than enough time to cover it. Therefore, I plan on covering whatever other games and hardware I can manage to get to. I will be putting my impressions and coverage on WingDamage.com.

Anyway, got a long day of driving ahead. Hopefully, here's to a great E3!

Mega Man Star Force 3 E3 2009 trailer

Here we have a nice new trailer for Mega Man Star Force 3 Black Ace and Red Joker, direct from Capcom's E3 content. Shows off quite a bit of gameplay action, though curiously everything is still in Japanese (except for the logos). Ah well, still a great look at the game!

Capcom's press internets are quite packed right now and aren't loading well, but we'll be sure to get up the rest of the SF3 content as soon as we can. Stay tuned!

Inafune isn't going to the Nordic Game conference after all

pigkissBlame the pigs!  Just kidding. The Nordic Game conference has confirmed that Inafune can't attend due to Capcom's rules concerning foreign travel during the H1N1 epidemic/pandemic.  While it's a regrettable development and is quite disappointing for fans of his franchises, know that he's currently being replaced by Team 17's Martyn Brown (of no relation to Capcom). This does beg the question: If the H1N1 flu remains as serious as it currently is, does this bode badly for Capcom and other foreign developers who will attend E3?  Hopefully not.

Update: After asking Capcom Unity's Twitter page, there's a possibility that the Japanese staff won't be present at E3.  While this is still uncertain, you can bet that Capcom of America's staff will be there to pick up any slack.

Source: Joystiq, Capcom Unity

Capcom Still Has More Surprises in Store for E3

The past few days have been abuzz with news from Capcom, though precious little of it has had anything to do with Mega Man. Sure, there's Marvel vs. Capcom 2, which features the Blue Bomber and his sister, plus Tron Bonne and the Servbots, and there's Dead Rising 2, which may or may not contain cameos as its predecessor did. Otherwise, there hasn't been a drop of Mega Man news-- not even anything for the English release of MegaMan Star Force 3. However, there is still hope as we look ahead to June's Electronic Entertainment Expo.

A post on Capcom's Twitter account was made in response to another user's compliment as to the variety of games Capcom announced. They in turn replied "You think we have great titles now? Wait 'til we announce two more at E3!"

Now, I wouldn't get my hopes up-- there could very well still be nothing regarding Mega Man (save for maybe Star Force 3) at the show. Nonetheless, at least that should be enough to give us a little optimism for another month.

Source: Kombo.com