Prepare to Battle This Winning Mecha Design

It is decided. The winner of the Bonne mecha design contest is Donner Wels, coming from the Japan side of the Devroom. The entrant of this design may actually be someone familiar to you, he goes by CAP Kobun. We credit CAP's online journal here at TMMN quite a bit. Omedetou gozaimasu, CAP Kobun!! I happen to know that CAP is one of the biggest DASH fans in all of Japan, so I'm sure he must be speechless! You can read about the specifics of Donner Wels here. You can also see Eguchi-san's take on the whole contest.

The runner-up is Seeteuful, entered by Dashe, though to my understanding this design was actually a collaborative effort among many of the members at Legends Station. Great job, all of you! I really cannot think of two more deserving finalists.

Let's all keep up the good work now!

Here Are Your Bonne Mecha Finalists

We are nearing the completion of another phase of Mega Man Legends 3 fan-assisted development. The finalists have been decided, both for the Japanese devroom and the Capcom Unity devroom. Over 250 entries were received on the Capcom Unity side, and I'm pretty sure there were over 600 Japanese entries, last I heard.

Now, it will come down to the developers will decide which of these ten to use in the game. This will be decided next week, on the 14th! I'm sure the winners' hearts are pounding right now! Let's give them all a big round of congrats!

And also, let's see their designs! Check them out after the break.


Bernhardt by Rekkou

Seeteufel by Dashe

Mecha Duck by NettoSaito

Panzerbohrer by Korps!

Scylla by Quickdraw Mcinsomnia


Donner Wels by Kobun 46 (CAP Kobun)

Floß Schildkröte by Kobun 84

Mürbe Krebs by Kobun 455

Languste by Kobun 950

Unnamed Submarine by Kobun 1173

Let's Welcome Reo Uratani, Composer

Tonight we are introduced to another member of the Mega Man Legends 3 development team: Reo Uratani. Uratani is the main composer for the music in Legends 3. AndI think we're all aware that getting into the music of Mega Man is serious business, so I don't envy the burden on him. Uratani seems to understand the intricacies, explaining the task handed to him here:

A composer's job is to create music, but it's not as simple as that -- especially for a game music composer. It's imperative that we think about things like what's going on in the game, when a song will play, what kind of song it should be, etcetera, etcetera. We have to consider the whole package when composing because it's no good if we come up with the best song in the world if it's going to clash with where it's going to be used.

As someone who lives vicariously through Mega Man music, I must confess Uratani is not someone I'm familiar with yet. So far the only other game I can attribute him to is Monster Hunter Tri, which truly has fantastic music. I greatly look forward to hearing how Legends 3's music comes along.

Besides introductions, Uratani also comes with a little info for our interests. First, he announces that those people whose Bonne mecha designs are chosen as finalists will be notified this Friday, the 10th. He also mentions that he is trying to come up with a sound-related event, so all you composers out there might want to brush off your Yamaha keyboards. For now, though, he invites us to contribute what songs we really like most from the Legends games. Be sure to check out his full post.

Oh, and while not related to Uratani, Capcom Unity is offering a special Legends 3 artwork themed after the Bonne mecha contest that you can use as a backdrop for your mobile phone. Go grab it!

Bonne Mecha Contest Voting Back on Track

Good news! The devious Birdbots have finally been reckoned with, and voting is back on at Capcom Unity's side of the Mega Man Legends 3 Bonne Mecha design contest. Because of the delays, the voting deadline has been extended to Wednesday, December 8th, midnight PST. Again, you're free to give a 1~5 rating on every entry. Be sure to go through them all! So get on over and vote! Especially for that koenigzblat-whatever one! :B

Voting Begins for Bonne Mecha Contest

Submissions for designs in the Mega Man Legends 3 Bonne Mecha contest have wrapped up, and Capcom Unity has now opened voting. Rather than simply voting on your favorite design, you can give each design a rating of one through five stars, a system I personally find to be pretty clever. The five highest rated designs will join the five top voted designs from Japan to then be judged by the development staff. Voting will wrap on on Sunday, December 5th, at 11:59PM PST. Also, Capcom Unity does mention surprises in store for Devroom members who have a Servbot number, so be sure to grab yours if you still haven't! Incidentally, I do have a design among the submissions. If you come across it, I hope you receive it well. Never said I wouldn't try to work my clout, hahahaha!! But in all seriousness, get in there and vote; make your voices heard!

UPDATE: Apparently a Birdbot got into the system at Capcom Unity and mucked everything up! Because of this, the voting is going to have to be restarted when things get worked out. We'll keep you posted on when it's going again.

Legends 3 Devroom Kicks Off

At least in Japan, so far. The Capcom of Japan side of the Devroom has opened, and already it has roughly 500 members! That's a lot of Servbots! Members join the Devroom by signing up through the Daletto blog service, it seems. But if you're on the Western side of things, just hold your horses. The western branch of the Devroom should be launching on Capcom Unity within the next 24 hours, I'd imagine. (We will update when this occurs.) So far we already have some interesting details. If you recall the heroine contest from before, Komaki's design has now been made "Legendary," as you can see pictured right. However, her name is no longer Lilly, it's Aero (エアロ) Sephira. You can check out the process taken to make the finalized design here.

Additionally, we have some more details on the Bonne Mecha design contest. Registered users will be able to submit designs until midnight, November 29th, Japan time. Then from November 30th to December 5th, viewers will be able to vote on their favorite designs. The top ten voted designs will then go to the development staff, who will make the final decisions on what design to use. It appears all entrants will receive 2,000 zenny, five finalists of those will receive 100,000 zenny, and the grand prize winner will be rewarded with 1,000,000 zenny, their design (and name) in the game, and will be able to choose a premium Servbot number (1~41).

All progress is represented by the percentage of the rocket's completion, which so far is a scant 1%. It looks like we have a lot of work ahead of us!

Update: Apparently there was some initial confusion. Capcom actually intended the heroine's name to be Sephira! Whoops!

Legends 3 Project #2: Design a Bonne Mecha!

Update: Full details now at Capcom Unity. Check it out! Before the Legends 3 devroom kicks off, another project has come along to undertake. This time, fans will be able to design and submit their ideas for a Bonne family mecha. The Devroom blog on Capcom of Japan has lots of details on this endeavor. First of all, they provide images of previous Bonne mecha to give you an idea of what the designs are like.

However, unlike other boss contests where you can design whatever comes to mind, there is a certain direction intended for this one, which is presented in a 4 page packet. The first page describes the scene of the battle, where you imagine yourself deep in a ruin that has a strong feeling of danger. As you try to grab the treasure, however, the Bonne family suddenly comes crashing through the ceiling in their mecha to attack you!

The following pages provide an above view of the room, and coming in from the right, the treasure is below and there's a door above. Ishihara provides a visual idea of the ruin, saying it has an environment like the Lake Jyun subgate from the first Legends. It's a damp and gloomy ruin, which seems to have water pouring out from the sides and puddles all around. The Bonnes crash through this ceiling, but this activates a trap in the ruin, causing the whole ceiling to start coming down. While this is all going on, the floor suddenly starts to rise. This leads to a moment of humor with the Bonnes, with Tron yelling to close the hatch. The mecha is unable to attack here. But it will use the water to move to a proper battlefield, as water is pouring in from the hole in the ceiling.

Eguchi adds a little image of Servbots synchronized swimming... This seems nonsensical, but there is an implication that the Servbots will be used in the battle somehow, a la Legends 2. However, there will of course be entirely new actions and abilities in this. As advice, Eguchi says the most important thing is to consider the experience you want as a player, and to consider the Bonnes' operations. Also, if you have trouble describing the concept details with words, describe it with images. Further down in the post, there are dossiers of the Bonne family to acquaint people new to the series with them.

It's sure to be a tough competition, but it will be worth it as well, since the winner will get their name in the credits! Also, people whose ideas are selected will be awarded "Devroom Zenny," though what exactly this is will be explained later. (If you like you can check our articles as well: Tron Bonne, Teisel Bonne, Bon Bonne, Servbot)

Well folks, start thinking of those designs! Though before you start drawing something out, be sure to check by Capcom Unity for their reciprocal post on the matter, which will certainly have many more details than here. Additionally, there so far seems to be no means to submit designs, but I suspect this will be resolved with the opening of the Devroom.