Rockman X DiVE Roundup - 9/24/19

Things have pretty much slowed down from the daily deluge of data we were privy to before the beta, with mostly reiteration and some elaboration on previously-revealed concepts. As such, I’m a little uncertain as to whether I should continue these roundups until things pick up with new info again.

September 15th saw a couple of screens from Co-Op Mode, featuring the best duo to illustrate such a feature:

Fight together with your partner in "Co-op Mode"!

Zero:Here comes the enemies! Let me wipe them out!
X:Watch out for the attack from the above!
X and Zero:Let's go ahead!

Want to enhance your power?
Team up with your friend in "Co-op Mode"; and get equipments to power up once you clear the stages!

Also on September 15th: You remember the boss from the intro stage of Mega Man X8, Mega Scorpio? (Edit: My bad, it’s the one from Mega Man X7, rather than 8. Thanks to everyone who sent a correction!) Well, now you’ve got his power (if you’re playing the game… and manage to get it, of course)!

You know what?
Players can use the exclusive skill of "Mega Scorpio" in game!
Go to "Lab" for researching "Mega Scorpio"...
Equip the chip with "Mega Scorpio" skill in "Chip System"
Now, display the BOSS skill "Current Razor"!

September 16th thanked players for participating in the beta and offered a survey, while September 17th looked at “Character X Weapon,” demonstrating some of the possible combinations.

【Mega Man X DiVE】Character X Weapon

BTW, you must find that you can freely arrange your character with any weapon!
For example:Although Axl has high speed, his melee skills ""Axl Rolling"" and ""Bullet Hell"" which are low-damage...
What if equip ""Launcher"" as his vice weapon? Will he be more stronger?

There are also skills with super-high damage such us "Green Spinner" and "Melt Creeper" of Alia; however, each of them can only be used once in battle. Hence, it is a knowledge to choose which weapons to use in each battlefield!

Let's share with others of your unique weapon arrangement!

On September 18th, some PVP tips for you.

【Mega Man X DiVE】My PVP Tips
Do you have the exclusive tips of PVP?
Had you found that there are 3 buffs for you to obtain in battlefield?
They are "Movement Speed Up", "ATK Up" and "Healing"!
Did you make good use of them?
Let's share how you become invincible!

September 19th shows the most popular weapons used during the beta.

【Mega Man X DiVE】CBT Survey - Top 5 Popular

After the introduction of Character and Weapon last time,
Do you get the hang of any weapon in game?
You must be curious about which weapon is the most frequently used!
Let's check out the Top 5 popular weapons in game during CBT!

Some familiar and new weapons there, and the most popular seems pretty new to me (unless it was some Command Mission add-on I never got).

On September 20th came something of particular interest: An interview with Mizuno Keisuke, the “legendary” Capcom in-house artist for the Mega Man series. The original is in Chinese, but Rockman Corner has a full translation which you can find here.

On September 21st, which characters were the most popular in the beta?

Yeah, if the Ultimate Armor plays like in previous games, that’s probably what I’d have picked, too.

【Mega Man X DiVE】CBT Survey - Popular Character Ranking

Had you collected all characters in game during CBT?
What kind of fascination does Utimate X has?
We're gonna reveal the popularity of characters for you!
But, who is your favorite?

September 22nd was a reassurance that prizes were out on their way, while September 23rd provided more data on who was playing:

And finally, September 24th offers a look at which Mega Man series had been played before by participants.

【Mega Man X DiVE】Series Game Survey
Which Mega Man series games had you played before? Just don’t be sad if you hadn’t played some of them yet; because all the characters from mega man series might be added into 《Mega Man X DiVE》 in the future.
Let’s stay tuned!

Well, that certainly sounds promising, doesn’t it?

In addition, if you’re looking for more video content, ShadowRockZX is here to provide for you.

He’s recently added the above datamining and Pallette showcase videos, and he’s got more to come soon (including an Alia showcase), so be sure to check all of that out on his YouTube Channel!

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