Rockman X DiVE Roundup - 8/31/19

I’ve been fighting off a cold all week and hoped that it would be over by now, but no such luck. So apologies for the lateness of this, as well as any sloppiness that occurs.

On August 24th, the following characters were revealed to be the ones available to use in the Closed Beta Test (CBT).

Which one would you most want to use?

August 25th, recruitment ends. “Get ready for log-in!”

The following day:

【Mega Man X DiVE】Signal from Deep Log📙
To fulfill the passion from our fans, the unlimited slots for the CBT events has been opened; therefore too many participants flooding in on weekend. In order to let the players all participate the CBT event, we are evaluating the contents and server status. Please stay tuned, all the latest news will be announced on the FB fanspage.

Later that day, they announced that participation went well beyond their expectations, so they’re opening up another 5,000 slots and are delaying the CBT itself until September 12th (Thur.) 10:00 to September 16th (Mon.) 10:00 (GMT+8). In the meantime, they’re adding the challenge mission system and increasing the weapon types.

We're sincerely apologized for the inconvenienc of adjustments of the date(Sept.12),but we also hope your paticipation will help us to perfect the ROCKMAN X DiVE in every possible way.

On August 27th:

We add in the system for you to challenge Bosses directly since CBT, which you must have ever seen from Mega Man X series!

People griped about the Bee Blader not being a boss, which is probably what prompted this post the following day:

【Mega Man X DiVE】Developer Diary 📙
📍Boss-Bee Blader

Although "Bee Blader" was not a boss in Mega Man X series,
it becomes a boss in "Challenge" system caused by the error data from "Deep Log". Ready to beat it up?

Also: Vile with a beam saber? Cool.

So that’s the challenge system, now how about those weapons? Come August 29th:

【Mega Man X DiVE】Developer Diary 📙

Take action of repairing error data!
How do you feel when you see them with different weapons?
Or which is your ideal one?

On August 30th, they had an FAQ about entering the CBT, which you can find here if that interests you.

And finally, on August 31st (today), it looks like they’ve filled out the CBT.

【Mega Man X DiVE】Signal from Deep Log📙
Thank you for your support of Global CBT Event.
Participants are fully recruited so far. Thanks again!
We will send the notice for CBT by e-mail successively since next Tuesday.

Please refer to the link:

And that’s pretty much it. As always, check back here around the end of next week for more, or if you can’t wait that long, be sure to head over and “Like” the official Rockman X DiVE Facebook page. Something tells me things are going to be a little slower until after the CBT, at the very least.