Rockman X DiVE Roundup

The official Rockman X DiVE Facebook page is being updated throughout the week, but if checking in every weekday is more effort than you’d care to expend, then good news! I’ll be rounding up everything of note each week for a nice bit of digestible reading right here!

Incidentally, as I was away at Otakon for a chunk of last week, this first edition might be a little bigger than the norm. Guess we’ll see!

First up, July 25th brought us a comparison of the famous Bee Blader scene from the Central Highway intro stage of Mega Man X and Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X, compared with the latest version in Rockman X DiVE:

What, no Mega Man X7?

Not too shabby, right? I hesitate to say it, but certain parts might even look a little better than the PlayStation Portable game?

Next, on July 27th, there’s been some concern about what appears to be a Mega Man X7-like auto-aim lock-on feature. Fortunately, Capcom Taiwan has heard these concerns and offered the following to assuage those fears:

That’s right: Autolock can be turned on or off as you please, and you can see examples of both in action courtesy of Zero here. And check out that slick Moonwalking action! <insert Michael Jackson yell here>

On July 29th, they mention there will be a “CBT” in the near future, which I’m guessing stands for “Closed Beta Test.” That, or we have some Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to look forward to.

July 30th gave us a look at one of the versions of X we can expect to see in the game: Command Mission X!

Here’s a comparison of the original art versus a newer rendition.

X isn’t talking to anyone right now; he’s a little T’d off his scarf isn’t quite ready yet.

A Facebook translation of the entry also gives us the following:

Mega Man X DiVE】Developer Diary📙
📍Character File -Command Mission X
"Mega Man X:Command Mission" is set outside of the main storyline of "Mega Man X" series.
X, as the main character is the first robot with self-consciousness.
Also, he is considered the robot with unlimited possibility and even risk...
Below to show the under-development 3D model of X in "ROCKMAN X DiVE" compared with the past one.
Do you notice his special Mecha?

I have no idea what they mean by “special Mecha.”

July 31st is just a thing about a contest for Rockman X merchandise, while August 1st was a look at some gameplay from the first Mega Man X game, via Mega Man X Legacy Collection.

That brings us to the latest update on August 2nd, which featured this video:

This gives us a bit of that mash-up stuff we heard about previously, as X fights the intro stage boss from Mega Man X3, Maoh the Giant, on the Central Highway intro stage from Mega Man X.

The following translated text accompanied it in the post:

Rockman x dive deep record gear alert!
Thank you to all the "Hunter" for your enthusiastic support
What is the message that the deep record seems to be sending...
Let's take a look at what's going on!
Head over to the official website to check out:
【Mega Man X DiVE】Warning!
Thanks for all your supports as a gorgeous "Hunter"!
Seems a signal comes from "Deep Log"…
Let's see what will happen together!
Official Website:

And that’s it for now! Check back towards the end of next week for more, or if you’d rather keep up with it day to day, be sure to head over and “Like” the official Rockman X DiVE Facebook page!