Matt McMuscles Looks at 'Wha Happun?' to Mighty No. 9

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, the Kickstarter-funded love letter to Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and its ilk by creator Koji Igarashi, has finally been released. You know what that means!

Everyone is talking about Mighty No. 9 again!

At least it kind of feels that way. While Bloodstained seems widely regarded as imperfect, but really good at what it set out to do, comparisons to Keiji Inafune’s successful failure (or would that be failed success?) at recreating the Mega Man magic were perhaps inevitable, and may be for many years to come.

As such, in the latest episode of his series “Wha Happun?” (which has covered titles such as Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game to Duke Nukem Forever), Matt McMuscles takes on his first Kickstarted game. Unlike other looks, such as Stop Skeletons From Fighting’s far-reaching analysis of everything from the Kickstarter campaign to the man behind it all, McMuscles is narrowing his focus slightly to focus more specifically on what went wrong with the actual development of the game.

Be warned of Not Safe For Work language:

McMuscles does add a clarification of one part in the comments section:

The 40% of the Kickstarter fees is inaccurate. I was basing this off a report that MN9's combined Kickstarter, Paypal, and physical reward production fees equaled to eating 40% of their budget. So it wasn't all KS's fees. Still though, the main point of them not accounting for all this, is still unfortunately, very real.

It’s unfortunate that what should have been Inafune’s magnum opus would wind up being the canary in the Kickstarter coal mine, but it is what it is. At least Inti Creates has managed to salvage the property somewhat with Mighty Gunvolt Burst, so who knows? Maybe Beck will one day rise again in his own title.

Until then, at least he has managed to impart some valuable lessons to those who would look to crowdfunding to realize their dreams.