Scott the Woz Talks Maverick Hunter and Other Reboots

Scott the Woz has posted a new video that talks all about reboots, and while he doesn’t spend as much time talking about Mega Man reboots as he could, he does spend a nice little chunk talking about the proposed and never-greenlit proposal for a first-person Mega Man X reboot titled “Maverick Hunter.” (You remember that old chestnut, right?)

As such, I thought it might be worth a share here as something of a conversation piece:

If you’d rather just skip to the “Maverick Hunter” part (but what fun is that?), you can find that at 4:55.

All told, I pretty much agree with what he has to say here. But then, despite running this very site, I feel like that game would not have been for me. I’m just not a First-Person Shooter kind of guy — unless I have pointer controls, at least (see: Red Steel 2, Metroid Prime Trilogy), and the rest seems neat, but not particularly Mega Man to me.

I’d have tried it, had it come to pass, but I’m not sure whether I’d be able to get into it. And we may never know.

Of course, Mega Man has had other reboots as well in Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X and Mega Man: Powered Up, though neither one really took, no thanks to being released to a small and disinterested PlayStation Portable user base.

Then there’s Mega Man 11, which has been treated as more of a soft reboot following the series’ lengthy hiatus, providing a new introduction to the series while retaining the continuity and characters of the past.

What thoughts do you have on reboots, be they of the Mega Man variety, or otherwise? Sound off in the comments below!