Pixel Dan's Review Beholds the Greatness of the Best Mega Man: Fully Charged Figure, Air Man

We’ve heard about Ice Man and Wave Man, and even the Blue Bomber himself, Mega Man. But those were all warm-ups for the main event!

Now it is time to feast your eyes and open your wallets for the apex of animation, this bastion of plastic perfection. Cancel all your other pre-orders, take out a loan, and sign up for every last shady credit card you can find, as you’ll want to ensure that you’re able to decorate every last surface of your home with the greatest Robot Master of them all, the unbeatable Air Man!

Or at least, that’s probably how he’d pitch it to you. Our man Pixel Dan is here to give us the down-low on this sky-high scourge of Silicon City:

While he may not live up to his own hype, he’s still another foe fit to fill out your rebellious robot ranks (and might even make a good base for a Wind Man custom, all things considered).

Air Man marks the final Mega Man: Fully Charged review for this week, but not the last we’ll be seeing from Pixel Dan! If you’re not subscribed to his channel, you can still check back here soon for more reviews to come!