Pixel Dan Reviews Jakks Pacific's Mega Man: Fully Charged Line

At long last, Jakks Pacific’s new line of Mega Man: Fully Charged figures is making its way to store shelves. Well, some shelves, anyway — so far, there’s no word on whether or not these are coming to Canada, and if their previous Mega Man offerings are any indication, it would probably benefit me not to hold my breath.

Since they won’t return my calls (or emails, or tweets, or carrier pigeons. I’m going to miss Pete…), I’m going to have to operate under the assumption that I’m just plain out of luck as far as getting, much less reviewing this toy line goes. Fortunately, in these dark times, there is a man I can turn to. A man named Dan.

Pixel Dan, that is! He’s got his hands on the first wave of figures from the new line, and is going to have reviews posted all this week, starting with — who else? — none other than the Blue Bomber himself, Mega Man! The basic version is sporting his true blue hue, and his review is waiting for you!

Of course, this is just the first figure among the reviews Pixel Dan will be doing, and there are more to come this week. You can keep up with each one by subscribing to Pixel Dan’s channel on YouTube, or just by stopping back by here each day!