Guts Man Takes It to the Streets in Street Fighter V on February 15th

Mega Man crossovers with other Capcom properties is nothing new, but it’s usually the heaviest hitters who are called upon to make cameo appearances across the brand’s other franchises: A Proto Man costume in Dead Rising, or a Palico that looks like a pixelated Mega Man in Monster Hunter — you know the deal.

However, it’s been revealed today that a member of the Blue Bomber B-List is finally getting some time to shine with a breakout appearance in Street Fighter V next month:

D-d-do you have it?

EventHubs reports that beginning on February 15th, OG Robot Master Guts Man will be available as an unlockable costume for Balrog in the PlayStation 4-exclusive title.

You’ll have to do more than drop a few bucks to access this costume, however (and I’ve not played this one yet, so please bear with me in case I misunderstand a part of the process). In order to get it, you’ll have to play the Extra Battle Mode four times between February 15th and March 8th, defeating Balrog in the costume each time.

Doing so will cost you 2,500 Fight Money for each battle attempt, and each victory nets you a gem. Collect all four, and you’ll be able to redeem them to use the costume yourself.

Thanks to Jonathan Holmes for the tip!

And just a quick update from me: Eep, I didn’t realize until just recently it had been over two weeks since my last update! In case you missed my tweet about it — five days ago?! (Man, I am really losing track of time lately) — I’ve been working on a bunch of stuff with various deadlines. So that’s where my focus has been lately, but I wasn’t going to let something like this pass me by!

Fortunately, those deadlines are very near, so hopefully I can get back into more of a regular rhythm here!