Mega Man: Fully Charged Episode 16 Preview

Following the preview of Episode 15, Ability King KK has passed along the following about the 16th episode, “Power Cycle.”

“For the preview itself, we see Mega Man having to fight off one Robot Master after another, specifically Fire Man, Air Man, and Blasto Woman respectively, and because of this Mega Man becomes low on energy, as if he hasn't slept in days,” notes King. “Sgt. Night, upon witnessing Mega Man constantly winning, decides to call in Elec Man to deal with him.”

”As for Elec Man, we don't see him in this preview, but his personality is that he is very hyper, something Mega Man obtains once he replicates the Thunder Beam.”

If you get Cartoon Network, it airs Sunday, September 23rd at about 6:45am EST, give or take, or you can probably watch it on their app by now.