"There's No Such Thing" as a Rockman X9 in Development, Says Mega Man 11 Producer

It all makes perfect sense: Mega Man Legacy Collection paved the way for a Mega Man 11 (even going so far as to hide a teaser in the second volume), so Mega Man X Legacy Collection (with its "X's fight is not yet over" bit) is surely marking the triumphant return of the Reploid hero to our video game consoles, right?

Well, no. Not exactly.

The question was put to Mega Man 11 producer Kazuhiro Tsuchiya at a press event for the upcoming release in Taiwan, wherein he replied “Right now we’re going to first complete Mega Man 11’s development, and gather feedback after its release while we’re at it. While there are rumors online that Mega Man X9 is currently in development, there’s no such thing.”

But before anyone loses hope, he was pressed further with the question of there being no plans in development for such a title. Tsuchiya stated “I understand that many people are looking forward to an X9, but I cannot make any promises at this stage. Of course, it’s not like we’ve done nothing – we’ll be carefully monitoring the player reactions."

"Actually," he added, "Mega Man 11 was also born because of the players’ voices for a new game. The collection before did quite well in terms of sales and reviews, and this was a main point of argument that backed our proposal to develop a new game project.”

So the main takeaway from this seems to be that yes, Mega Man X Legacy Collection will probably be used to gauge interest. However, given the release came out only a month ago, while Mega Man 11 was announced years after Mega Man Legacy Collection was released, it's far too soon to say anything. Mega Man 11's own performance may also come into play, as he noted they would be gathering feedback from that.

And seeing as Tsuchiya was there to talk primarily about Mega Man 11, a couple of small tidbits for that game were also revealed. Primarily, with the Double Gear system taking the spotlight, it doesn't seem there will be any Rush adapters besides the Rush Coil in play. (You'd think we'd at least get Rush Jet, given it's practically iconic.)

He also reiterated that the game can be beaten without using said Double Gear system, allowing players to choose their own method, and that there is an as-yet unannounced challenge mode which involves shooting at an enemy in order to keep it from touching the ground.

Source: GNN, via Siliconera