More Mega Man 11 Info Revealed

Last week, Capcom Unity dished the scoop on a new Robot Master in the upcoming Mega Man 11, Blast Man, but it turns out that post was only the tip of the iceberg. Fortunately, thanks to a tip from TheSilver64, it turns out there's a lot more to speak of -- and most of it from Capcom's own official website, no less!

The official Mega Man 11 website is up and running, and contains some interesting pieces of info. For example, each of the Robot Masters revealed so far has their own page, covering the boss character themselves, their stage, and their weapon, complete with a video demonstration.

In the case of the recently-revealed Blast Man, he's described as a "Mad Explosion Artist," who is "[a]lways running a short fuse, Blast Man is known for his fits of explosive emotion.
Since he's used to running around blast sites, he knows how to get in and out and leave bombs in his wake! If a battle runs on long enough, he'll turn on his Power Gear, and then it's big bombs away!"

The Boss Stage portion reveals that we can expect tripwires and parts of the stage to detonate, leaving Mega Man "stranded, or worse!" There are also some screens that were not a part of the package released on Capcom's official press site, such as this one revealing a familiar face:

You can check out Block Man and Fuse Man's details here.

The Features section goes over the Double Gear System and difficulty settings, but also the four different kinds of Challenges. We heard about Time Attack (of which there are multiple types) and Balloon Rush ("A unique time attack mode. Dash through stages and attack blue balloons! If you hit the red balloons or miss a blue balloon, you'll get a time penalty."), but now there is also a Score Attack mode ("Defeat enemies and collect all the points you can. Get extra points for defeating multiple enemies in a row!") and Jump Saver mode ("This mode features a jump counter in the upper-right corner.
Don't waste those jumps!").

Finally, ShadowRockZX has a video that shows off the Specials menu, revealing a concept art gallery and leaderboard:

That's all for now, but with Mega Man 11 arriving on October 2nd, there's bound to be plenty more to talk about, so keep checking back!