Talking Mega Man with The Power Button Podcast... Again!


It's been a while since I last had the pleasure of taking part in The Power Button podcast from Press The Buttons. I've visited on occasions prior to talk about Mega Man in comics and in cartoons, but this time I got to appear to talk about the games (fancy that).

Host Matthew Green approached me because, as he discovered in an earlier episode, co-host was unaware of the story in the Mega Man games.

Well, that's not entirely true, to be fair: He knew the basic stuff, like two doctors creating a series of robots when one decides to take over the world and the other sics his leftover robot son on them, but not of the finer details, such as how Classic connects to X, which leads into Zero, and so on.

This is where I come in.

Obviously, this could not stand, so we invited David Oxford of The Mega Man Network and author of The Robot Master Field Guide to join us and lead Blake step by step through the series and explain the plot points that tie the whole thing together.  How is Dr. Wily related to Zero?  What happened to Dr. Cossack?  Who is the mysterious Mr. X?  All will be revealed in this week's episode.

It was a fun time -- and a little more challenging than I expected! I don't think I ever really realized exactly how dense everything behind these games is until I had to tie it all together -- across various versions and continuities, no less -- and explain it to someone else all at once. When you've been picking it up incrementally over the course of three decades, it seems simple enough, but then when you try to process it and lay it out altogether in a way that makes sense? Wow.

And the thing is, over the course of the entire show, explaining various things and taking questions, we didn't even make it all the way through the Mega Man X series! So expect me to put in another appearance sometime to continue the tale.

Oh, and a point of note: I was working completely without a net here. No wikis, no guidebooks, this was all from what I could pull out of my brain on the spur of the moment, so when you go nuts on me about screwing up a detail, do try to go a little easy on me about it. This brain of mine isn't getting any younger.

You can check the episode out for yourself by either downloading it straight from Press The Buttons, on Stitcher, iTunes, Google Play, RSS, or by just visiting the site and listening to it there (and then checking out some of the other fun that goes on around that place).

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