Oh, Right -- There's a Mega Man 11 amiibo Edition, Too

Capcom didn't include this in the regular press kit download for the game, so I forgot all about it as I was writing the rest, but there will also be a special "amiibo Edition" of Mega Man 11 for the Nintendo Switch. Check it out:

In addition to a new Mega Man amiibo figurine based on his new design (from the art seen in the previous story), this pack comes with the game, a "Stage Select" microfiber cloth, Dr. Wily logo adhesive patch, and a set of stickers described as "colorful."

Capcom's press info doesn't say anything about this edition, but the official Mega Man Twitter account notes that it is a U.S. and Canadian exclusive, and links to GameStop, where it says the amiibo Edition is $59.99 USD (double the price of the game alone, for those keeping track) and exclusive to the chain (meanwhile, EB Games has nothing on Mega Man 11 at all, so who knows if it will be exclusive here).

Interestingly, while we don't even know what the amiibo does yet (or if the Super Smash Bros. version will do anything with the game at all), the image does indicate that it's a part of a series, so we may see some other releases as well.