Mega Man: Fully Charged Fully Charges Licensing Expo Attendees' Devices

Dd7Kcq6U8AAoWWc.jpg large.jpg

A couple of months ago, we got a new peek at the upcoming Mega Man cartoon from DHX Media and Man of Action Entertainment, showing off some of the Robot Masters that the new hue of Blue Bomber will find himself faced with when the cartoon goes live later this year on Cartoon Network.

Just over two weeks ago, we learned that the show would no longer be called Mega Man, but Mega Man: Fully Charged, and that it would be promoted at the Licensing Expo 2018 in Las Vegas.

And this past week, everything came together as a new logo bearing the new title was rolled out as Mega Man: Fully Charged made its appearance at said expo. Perhaps most prominent was the charging station for attendees to use to keep their various devices "fully charged."

Unfortunately, that seems to be the only image from the show that was in use there, aside from a new render seen in the top banner. However, there was some additional news in that Jakks Pacific will have a new toyline to coincide with it come Spring 2019, one that is "completely separate" from this summer's line that was shown off at Toy Fair 2018.

For more pics of Mega Man: Fully Charged's presence from around the show, head over to Protodude's Rockman Corner, and thanks to TheSilver64 for the tip!